Motivational Speech by Sassy.

Exiting from the swim

When we signed Sassy up for the triathlon, I was very careful not to call it a ‘race’ but a triathlon. Sassy knows intuitively what a race means…it means beating everyone else. I’m not sure how she learned this, but she’s been racing us ever since she could say the word. She races me down the stairs, into the car, drinking juice, finishing a meal, etc. You name it, she races doing it.

I didn’t want her to think the triathlon was a race to win, but something to finish. Race=win, triathlon=finish.

All was going well until the triathlon began. They shouted “Go!” and Sassy was off. Once she started swimming/biking/running, she’d look back at me and yell, “Am I first?! Am I winning?!” I was vague in my replies. “Sassy, you’re winning by swimming/biking/running, not by being first!” She kept asking it over and over. Finally I said, “EVERY one is a winner in this race!”

She was quiet for a little bit, letting her little legs run her as fast as she could. Then she piped up.

“MAMMA! If three girls are running, and two of them finish, they are the WINNERS! And one girl is the LOSER!”

I marveled at her math ability.

She ramped up the speed of her run.


One Response

  1. And isn’t she just so cute in her swimsuit and cap, with sand all over her feet.

    She won’t remember who won or lost, only that she got to play the game…and really, THAT’s what it’s about.

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