You know what’s weird? Having a daughter that’s 12 and a son that’s 9. Because that means I’ve been a mom for that long, and it doesn’t even feel like it.

You know what’s weirder? Celebrating a 15 year anniversary! Because that means I’ve been married that long, and it doesn’t even feel like it!

So what do you get a guy who you’ve been with just about every day for the last 15 years? I’ll share!

*A clean house! I had some cleaners come in and deep clean the house. 15 years and 3 kids means that while parts of the house are clean, it’s not clean all at the same time. For a guy who loves order and cleanliness, this was the best gift I could give. Romantic, non?!

*Juicy steaks! Costco has the best ribeyes around town. I even started up the grill and cooked ’em! We ate charbroiled steak, emphasis on the ‘CHAR’. Yeah, I should have let him grill.

And…that’s it. I didn’t put out, because it’s always good to keep ’em guessing after 15 years, and I never liked being thought of as a ‘sure thing’. Of course, after getting married I became the ‘only thing’. But then I did put out because I wouldn’t want to be a tease, either.

Every year, hubby and I just about run out of steam by the time our anniversary rolls around. Having two kids birthdays the same week as our anniversary really takes a toll, but isn’t that a perfect analogy for kids and marriage anyway? *snort* In any case, we promise each other that the NEXT year we’ll really blow it out and party like it’s 1989. And one of these years, we really will. A trip to Mexico? Europe? The Moon? Who knows!

The anticipation is what’ll keep year 16 fresh and exciting.


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  2. Happy Anniversary!!! My hubby and I just celebrated our 12th last Sunday. I know what you mean about time flying by and not feeling like it has been that long; my middle child will be 8 in two days and I can hardly believe it!!!
    Congrats again on 15 years!!!

  3. Oh lady… my son turns 6 next month and my daughter turns 9 the month after… the thing is, I still think of her as 6!! I tell people she is 6!! I said to her the other day… “That’s ok honey, you will be 7 soon… no, 8…. 9 !!!!!” She’s a bit sick of me about it all and I think she’s wishes I’d get a handle on it. I just wish she’d QUIT growing up on me. Stop it stop it stop it. I have a theory that kids age faster than we do, sort of like dogs. Sure, she may be nearly NINE years old now, but it’s only been 3 years in adult years, since she was born. Right? RIGHT!?!!?!?
    **runs away to sip martini and weep….**

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy hitched day to ye! If I got my hunny a clean house he’d be all pissed and like”that’s just a gift for YOURSELF!!!”
    Well, shite, if I didn’t have to clean the house all day, maybe I’d have the energy to

    Jesus! is that ME talking? EEEEEEWWWWW! Tiffany, hand over the martini NOW.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Our 15th was last month. Time really does fly! And we didn’t do anything on ours either. Not even ribeyes on the grill.

  7. LOL!!! 😀 Here ya go!! 😀

  8. Happy Anniversary Lady!!!

  9. a clean house and steaks (and some nookie), really what could be better? 🙂 Happy 15th my friend!! we just had some costco steaks at the beach and they were YUMMY !!!

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