“Excuse me, your homeschool is showing.”

I can’t blog a big huge post today, because the kids and I realized our favorite pool with a high dive, 2 water slides, beach sand area and 2 other diving boards will only be open for another 3 days. It closes Labor Day (nooooo!) and so we scrapped our original plans for today so we can spend all day diving, sliding, running, sand castleing, swimming, and enjoying the last day of our favorite pool.

However, I do have a big huge post over at Mile High Mamas–a lovely place for Denver area moms supported by the Denver Post. They asked if I would write up another perspective on the ‘Back to School’ experience–the homeschool one.

I was delighted to do so, until I saw it up in black and white today, for all the world to see. Or, at least, all of Denver. Because while I yammer on and on about it over here, I’m still timid talking about it with people who may not ‘get it’. And holy cow! From what I’ve read, a vast majority of the readership over there aren’t homeschoolers and therefor may decide I’m a freak. Which I am, but for totally different reasons than homeschooling.

So, I will try to enjoy my day even though I feel like I’m walking around with my skirt tucked into my underwear. And on that underwear is written in big block letters, “HOMESCHOOLER!”. Usually I try to be more discreet than that.

If you’d like to once again back a girl up and leave a nice comment about me or homeschooling, you can find my blog over here. It’s a little expose on our experiences with public school and Naturalist’s ‘Failure to Thrive’ there.


6 Responses

  1. I commented over there but thought I’d add my kudos here.

    Great article.

  2. Tif, you make a father proud. Most interesting to me is how much you have allowed yourself to learn from the kids. The faith you show in them is remarkable, and will impact the confidence they have in themselves forever.
    Love, Dad

  3. Dude, stand up straight and tall and flash that underwear!!!! Spread the word! Put a bee in their bonnet, light a fire under their-or whatever the saying is.
    Freak is GOOD. Yes.

    Goin over there now…

  4. Hm. I’ll be over there to check it out, I’m so behind on my blog reading!

  5. Great post over there! 🙂

  6. Excellent post! You know, It might feel like your skirt is tucked into your underwear but I’m pretty sure it’s not!

    : )

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