Life has been moving at the speed of light lately, and everytime I sit down to post something I can’t quite choose which thing I should talk about.

The 10 year old school fundraising kid with the ponzi scheme? First he came to the door selling coupon books for $10. The next day he came back saying, “Uh, they’re really $20. You owe me more money”. That kid’s going to go far with that kind of chutzpah.

The 30 minute Sassy fit over a PB&J sandwich that at times freaked her out, made her feel sick, was totally gross, had a hole in it so she couldn’t possibly eat it, had jelly coming out of it that was too messy to eat, and didn’t have enough peanut butter on it? The grand finale being that I finally ate it at which point she dissolved into tears because how COULD I eat HER sandwich that she LOVED and wanted SO SO BADLY?

No, no. I think today I’ll talk about my errands.

Unlike my usual routine, where I have my kids in tow, this time I left everyone with Naturalist who is officially babysitting age.

I drove to the grocery store, listening to the music I wanted. I stopped by the nail salon to get a chipped nail fixed. I went grocery shopping at a leisurely pace and could focus on my list rather than 3 kids pulling me in every direction. I got a free starbucks coupon from the nice checkout guy, and since it’s 50 degrees here in Colorado, I immediately got a peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles!

I was only gone for 2 hours, but when I got back I felt like I’d been away at the spa.

Having a 12 year old in the house ROCKS!!!


8 Responses

  1. !!!!!

  2. Love the top pic – I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!
    I have a niece whos 13, lives less than a mile away – and hubby wonders why I dont want to move?!! She is the BEST babysitter ever

  3. Sassy…sounds EXACTLY like my mr. mischief, I don’t feel so bad now.

  4. one more thing -she still has her blankie!! so does mischief!! LOL Except his is crocheted…I have to wash in a lingerie bag in delicates…its so thread worn, I have stitches in it…its so ugly but so comforting!

  5. LUCKY!!! I practically sold my oldest today! LOL

  6. Oh wow – I want a 12 year old too!!!

  7. I’ve been loving leaving my 9 and 11 year olds home while the 7 year old is at gymnastics practice. It’s great to run quick errands without kids! Next year, my youngest will be 8 and can “officially” stay home for short periods alone too (daytime, feels comfortable with it, yada yada yada). Yay.

    The PBJ tantrum cracks me up. I’ve eaten the food too when that happens. Too funny. For the most part, we have moved beyond tantrum age around here, which really is nice. Hope that happens for you soon too.

    BTW, I don’t think I have clicked through to your site in a long time (I use a reader). That’s a great banner picture.

  8. The PBJ tantrum reminded me of a time when my sister and I were staying with my grandparents for a week during the summer. We had PBJ for lunch and my sister, who was probably 4-6 at the time, would NOT. SIT. STILL. And she was telling a story or something and waving her sandwich around in front of my grandma’s face while she was talking. Well, the next thing she knows, grandma has taken a bite of her sandwich!!!! =-O At the shock of it all, she burst into tears… which eventually turned into tears of laughter. To this day (she’s 21 now) she’ll still say to grandma, “I can’t believe you bit my sandwich”. 🙂

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