Ohio Dreaming…

I’m sitting in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, getting ready for the Country Living Fair this weekend.

This entails unpacking our rental van full of 030495830495803498 pounds of display materials and bath products, setting up the tent, and then staging our booth to look fabulous.

Everything was going along swimmingly until we realized someone (::cough:: Ashley’s husband ::cough::) had pulled the ‘ole switcheroo with our tent and a set of golf clubs, so when we went to set up the tent we found some woods and a golf bag.

So, you know how in the home redecorating shows, they always have the “problems” that create a “sense of urgency” and a feeling of “imminent doom”? You know, the endings that seem like they’re edited to be more dramatic than they are? Well, we don’t have any editing so our drama is the real deal. We are going to barely pull this off in time for tomorrow’s start time of 9 am.

All I can say at this point, before I tumble into bed, is thank goodness for Garmin. He drove me all over this big strange city and never steered me wrong. I want to physically implant him in my brain so I don’t have to go anywhere without him again.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…


9 Responses

  1. Very excited for you!! SELL SELL SELL! Your stuff is fabulous, you’ll do great.

  2. Good luck!!! I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

  3. Awww. I think it’s cute that you call him Garmin. Ours is Tim. 😀

    Good luck!

  4. Good luck. Glad you worked out the problem.

    We call our Garmin “Carla.” Get it? CAR-la. HAHAHAHOHOHO. We’re so punny.

  5. GOOD LUCK! This is the stuff my nightmares are made of each week before we go to market!! (I feel your pain, I’m saying…)

  6. Oh, fun and stress just packed into one week. Sounds like a fair! Good luck! 🙂

  7. Mike wants to name his future “find your way out of the neighborhood” machine, Tom. I’m not sure why…Perhaps because he will be “cruising” along. lol. Good luck lady!!!! 🙂

  8. Much luck to you!!!!
    man, I haven’t used our bathtub in like 3 years!!!!

  9. so how did it go????? I’m sure you and Ashley pulled it off and now have an entire state addicted to your soap products 🙂

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