Christmas Family Picture Saga.

It’s that time of the year, again, when my thoughts turn to what picture I’ll include in our Christmas Cards. If Costco can start stocking Christmas ornaments and toys already, then I can certainly turn my thoughts towards the holidays.

A few weeks ago we took a drive up into Rocky Mountain National Park, and I realized too late that it would be a perfect opportunity to take a family picture. Too late meaning that we’d already rushed out of the house in non-matching grubby clothes. But not too late to just take them anyways.

So we stopped off in Estes Park so I could pick up a caramel apple and other chocolates for the kids at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and then off we went to explore the national park.

We found a lovely spot hiking around Sprague Lake, and so stopped to snap a family picture there. I wasn’t quite done with my caramel apple, however, and in a choice between taking a picture or shoving an apple covered in caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate in my face I’ll always pick the apple.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

I love this next picture because it shows what is rarely captured on film (and thanks to my little sis Jamie for sereptitiously taking these)…the family dynamic. Golfer is smiling like an angel (in contrast to what he does when he thinks the picture is being taken), Naturalist is cool as a cucumber, Sassy doesn’t want to stand up but rather pretend she’s a kitty cat, I am leisurely finishing off my apple while Hubby gives me impatient and dirty looks.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

I finally get Sassy up and the picture taken before realizing that it’s much to dark to use, anyway.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

It’s alright, though, because I still had half an apple wedge stuck in my cheek.

Just down the walkway was a more promising space, so we set up once again…this time I let Hubby deal with Sassy.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

First picture, and I thought it was the one! And then my sister pointed out that Golfer’s face wasn’t quite…right.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

Take two:

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

Golfer!!!! In the next picture I’m smiling while talking through my teeth. “Everyone better be SMILING NICELY and LOOKING AT THE CAMERA or I will leave you here for the BEARS! GOT IT?!”

Sassy then volunteers to be left for the bears.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

OK, kids, let’s try this one more time at a beautiful overlook.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

Or, a better idea. This year will just be Hubby and I. I can crop Sassy out of the corner pretty easily.

Christmas Family Picture Saga.

Anyone else do christmas pictures? Do you have yours done yet?


14 Responses

  1. Great pictures! You are so hot. You’re husband looks good too!

  2. rofl great comment hubby. šŸ˜‰

    Me Me Me! I actually have it ready and loaded, actual printing and mailing that’s another story. šŸ™‚

  3. Christmas Pictures??? Are you kidding? I can’t even get them to stay still long enough for regular pictures!!!

  4. We do something with pics every year, but we haven’t done one yet. I think we should. stink. now you added something else for my to do list. your pics are great- can’t beat that scenery either. I was thinking of going with something like a graffiti laden brick wall….. or perhaps a smog enshrouded mountain range…..

  5. Tried at the beach in August. May use it anyway. Hubby is not happy looking in the photo – he is my trouble child for photos, kids smiles are fine.

  6. I would and always intend to, but then I never send out the cards. Gah. So, I jus direct everyone to my blog. I know, I’m a cheater.

  7. Christmas Pictures?? Hahhahhahahhaahaaaa. I may take photos of my kids all day long, but put me in the photo and it all goes downhill from there. No, I subject all relatives to handmade kids crafted christmas cards. They know what the boys look from skimming my Flickr! ;P


    Your last photo together at the overlook really does look lovely though – she may not be straight on in that shot, but everyone seems relaxed and happy, the light is good…a keeper! And you look great in brown! šŸ™‚

  8. That last family shot is great – the view and light are fantastic. But now I’m all inspired by MIM to send out kid-made cards. Genius! šŸ™‚

  9. love ALL of the pics!! You all look great — golfer’s face in a couple had me HOWLING! we have similiar picture issues in my house (and, off topic, but your mouse post brought tears to my eyes (Dave is all about the humane killing of trapped beasts…my heart can’t take it…))

    But why don’t you send out your summer collage as your Christmas pic??? I love that too!

    ps I NEVER include me in the Christmas pic or it would never be sent…too hypercritical…it’s a kids only thing for us. lol!

  10. I like the last one too! Family pics are so much better when they look at least a a little spontaneous šŸ˜‰

    I think it was 2006 (or was it last year?) that I had Abby draw a family portrait for our Christmas cards, and holy cow, it was fantastic and hilarious. Once the picture was done, the letter practically wrote itself…

  11. No, I usually wait until the tree is up and stick the boys in front of it. Then one hour Costco cards, addresses ready, and out the door in two days. At least, that’s what I did last year! LOL

  12. We already have our Christmas Photos done.

  13. We never get all of us – just the boys. It takes 15 minutes and 300 shots – I take the pictures and my husband jumps around behind me like an idiot, making them laugh. If we just ask them to smile they look like they’ve been kicked in the kidneys, so we have to get them actually laughing for it to work. So far it’s worked several years in a row.

  14. I can’t stop laughing! Oh, I mean… I feel your pain.

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