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Giving me the hard sell.

I’ve noticed that in her 4th year on this planet, Sassy is getting a lot more sophisticated in her mannerisms. Whereas before she was prone to temper tantrums and bullying, now she’s softened her edges and is trying out a different tactic…manipulation and extortion.

Before breakfast yesterday she was eyeing some candy on the counter. “Give me a piece of candy!” she demanded. I told her we’d talk after breakfast. “Pleeeease?!” she asked, hoping that some manners might work in her favor. “After breakfast!” I insisted. “All I need in one! One candy! And I’ll just hold it. I’ll just look at it! I won’t eat it!” she clarified. “After breakfast!” I repeated. She pressed on. “It’s my favorite candy. I love that candy so much. I just want to lick it a little…not eat it! Just a little lick!” I let her continue to talk while I got the pancakes off the griddle. She quieted down for a split second before she grabbed my hand. This means she had something important to say, so I stopped and dropped down to her level.

She grabbed my face between her hands and looked sincerely into my eyes. “Mamma, I love that candy. I really really want that candy right now. If you give me that candy, then I will draw you a heart! A special heart with all the colors in it. You love when I give you hearts, and I love when you give me candy!!! It will be a special heart just for you! So….give me that candy!!! Please!!!”

I love that she made the connection between me liking homemade hearts and herself liking candy. That was a nice touch.


9 Responses

  1. Oh, boy! Better look out or in a few years you wont stand a chance! She is waaaaay too good. LOL!

  2. so did it work? My ice heart would have melted!

  3. Geez. LOL!

  4. Wow! She’s good! So did you give in???

  5. Oh. My. Perhaps our two have been attending charm school when we’re not looking? They seem to have the same tactics…

  6. giggling over here.

  7. LOL How could you resist that??

  8. I fell for it when naturalist was 4, I really fell for it when Golfer was 4 because he’d look at me with these earnest blue eyes…but now I’m onto it, so Sassy has no power over me. 🙂

  9. zoe offered me $60 if I did some such thing the other day…which is better than some of the THREATS she’s been using (mostly on Dave) lately. OY!

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