What picnics are really for…

This weekend, realizing that warm weather won’t be with us much longer, the kids, hubby and I packed a picnic and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. The trees were in full color, the elk were out en masse and bugling like crazy, and the weather was a nice mix of cool autumn breezes with a few sprinkles now and then.

We drove into an area of the park that we didn’t know much about, but when everyone got cranky we thought it would be smart to stop at the next picnic area and cook our hotdogs over some charcoal briquettes. Imagine my delight when the next picnic area we came across looked like this:

Our picnic area

We sent the kids out in nature to pick up some cooking sticks while we set up our picnic foods:

setting up

And then we set them to work cooking the hotdogs while Hubby and I sat back and nibbled on snacks under a brightly colored tree.

Hot Dog Chefs

(and, I’ve given up trying to get Golfer to make nice with the camera. I just tell myself his faces add flair to the picture.)

But the real reason for stopping in a beautiful clearing and lighting a campfire? It’s all about the S’mores, baby!

we love smores

The day was great before, but turned amazing after we each had eaten our fill of the melty s’mores of goodness.

Which makes me wonder, does everyone love s’mores this much? Or do you all have your own special things that make camping/picnicking especially wonderful?


14 Responses

  1. oh yeah babay – it’s the s’mores! The only thing worth getting all bug bit, wet/hot/cold about camping. (Well, except maybe the gorgeous scenery.)

    Looks like a fabulous day! The pictures are wonderful.

  2. We certainly love the s’mores! And those fall leaves! We said we were going to go up Boulder Canyon this weekend but somehow it didn’t happen….

  3. Gorgeous! And yes re the smores. They are essential camping/picnic staple foodstuffs.

  4. What a beautiful camp site! Smores are good. What a beautiful picnic! 🙂

  5. I don’t really like smores but they sure look good in this picture!!! What a fabulous site to cook at!!

  6. Smores are the bomb!

    It’s not really camping without the sweet ooey gooey goodness of melting marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

    What a lovely day.

  7. as much as I love chocolate marshmallow combo – those darn things never mush well for me. But I haven’t given up hope, I do keep trying!
    What a beautiful picnic area!

  8. I love them so much that when Ethan was playing “camping” in our front yard I surprised him and brought out the smore’s for snack. We (I) also sneak them for breakfast while camping…as hubby takes the kids for a walk….he thinks I am cleaning up breakfast! My favorite way to eat them though is with peanut butter….talk about delicious!

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    BEAUTIFUL pics!!! I’m so NOT ready to be done with fall colors, camping, cookouts, smores, and, and…

    4 inches of fresh snow on the deck this morning.

  10. i have lost my taste for smore’s within the last year– of course my son still goes crazy for them. I still love picnics and campfires though!
    The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I lived in Casper Wyoming for about a year and I had forgotten who beautiful fall in the mountains can be. Of course then there’s the trade-off of dealing with snow at basically any time of the year. We visited family in WY this summer and when we drove to Denver to fly home in Mid-Aug, there was a fresh layer of snow on the mountain peaks. I don’t miss that part of life at high elevations!

  11. Beautiful picnic area! Of course I am still a kid and of course I do love s’mores! Tell the naturalist I said hi!

  12. I soooo need to move out there…the scenery…aahhh..and I bet you’d share some s’mores, right? 😉

  13. Leah wrote: “My favorite way to eat them though is with peanut butter….talk about delicious!”

    OMG, I never thought of that…that sounds so yummy!

    Guess what I’m trying on our next camping trip.

  14. beautiful photos .. and s’mores make the campfire experience for us!

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