Forgive me, I’ve been gaming…

It’s hard to blog when most of what we’ve been doing is gaming.

It started with Sassy’s newfound ability to play Mario Cart on our old gamecube. She wanted to play it so badly after finding the cover illustration, but Golfer wasn’t able to help her learn it so was putting her off until he could. She was persistent and he set her up on a course with a sigh: “This is gonna frustrate you until I can tell you how the controls work, but don’t get mad at me!” When we both came back a short time later, she was in the top 3 on the courses she raced. Without anyone there, she figured out how to work the cart, go back to change her characters, then change the course. We were all duly impressed.

The rest of us stopped playing Mario Cart once Golfer’s need to dominate every race got in the way of his enjoyment of the game. I remember at one point saying, “Golfer! Don’t worry about winning! Just play to have fun!” and he wailed and sobbed, “It’s ONLY fun if I WIN!!!!” Naturalist wasn’t ever that into it anyway, so it’s been a few years since we’ve all played together. Once we got it going for Sassy, though, it was like rediscovering an old friend. Hubby, me, Naturalist and Golfer got the controls out and went head to head, all of us at about the same level. It was bellylaughs and junk food all the way ’round!

I appreciate these family moments so much, now that Naturalist is in her ‘tween’ years and Golfer is following shortly behind.

Mario Cart hasn’t been the only thing around this town, though! We’ve also become deeply addicted to a shiny new game Civilization Revolutions

It’s like a dynamic game of Risk with much less of the detail work of the old Civilization games. A perfect combo!

But what to do when Sassy and her ‘dominate or die’ attitude are on the Gamecube and someone has the DS?
Naturalist solved the problem by buying Spore and bad financial times be damned, this is a must buy game! You start as a cell, and then gain more advanced DNA material until you evolve yourself into a land animal, eventually evolving up the ladder to form communities that then create technologies to further expand into the rest of the globe and beyond. So far, we’ve only just gotten brains and evolved out of the sea, and we’ve loved every minute of it.

So, there you have it. Gaming has hit just in time, because the cold and wet weather has kept us from doing much else anyway. Are there any game obsessions going on in your home?


3 Responses

  1. Ha! But don’t those wailing woes sound familiar!!

    That Spore sounds Right Up Our Alley! I’ll check into that – I don’t suppose it’s a Windows game…..

  2. It’s for both Windows AND Mac. Finally! A game for our lonely Apple. 🙂 But it also runs on Windows, too.

  3. Dude – I’m not sure I can properly put into words how Wii Sports has taken over our life. Jonas is soooo completely independent with the thing – if I turn it on and hand him the remote, he can do everything else. He holds the high score in several games, and now is obsessed with playing baseball with his little bat, watching the high schoolers play tennis in the afternoon, boxing his stuffed animals, etc.

    Wii love Wii Sports.

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