Potatoes and Boots

Hubby, the kids and I are off to Idaho, stopping off in Salt Lake City for some work (hubby) and IKEA (me). Hubby’s dad has a potato farm up in Idaho and for years I’ve wanted to see the ‘spud harvest’. This year the stars aligned and we’re making a quick trip to see the end of it. Mmmmm, potatoes!

I’m bringing along with me my favorite pair of boots. They’re hard working, durable, fashionable, sturdy, and so pretty…everything I’m not. Ok, Ok, so I’m pretty. They’re most everything I’m not. 🙂

Next time you hear from me, hopefully I’ll be shoulder deep in potatoes!

I love me some Frye boots

I love me some Frye boots


7 Responses

  1. mmmm…Idaho potatoes…how much fun! Love the boots!

  2. Well, heck, CLEARLY you’re fashionable, too!

  3. i had some Frye boots once. They were suh-weet! But alas, my feet are to short and wide. Frye boots are neither of those things. *sigh*

  4. Oh, cool boots. I used to have some like that in blue. Wonder what ever happened to them!

    Potato harvest – fun!

  5. I really like dim boots!

  6. Sounds like loads of fun. Enjoy!

  7. I love IKEA!!!

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