And we’re back…

Remember when I was excited to be surrounded by potatoes, maybe even up to my neck? Well, Idaho isn’t known for potatoes for nothing, and it turns out even my wildest spud dreams were way understated. I realized this after standing under and on top of mounds of potatoes 25 feet deep by 50 feet wide by 300 feet long.

Million of potatoes, potatoes for me...

But that deserves a post in and of itself.

Remember the Frye boots I brought with me?! They were brilliant out in the fields!

A spud dud.

You know where they weren’t so brilliant? On a 3 mile hike straight up to Timpanogos Cave in Utah.

In your ascent you will climb 1,065 feet in 1 1/2 miles on a zigzag, hard-surfaced trail from the bottom of American Fork Canyon to the entrance of the caves. Altogether the round-trip to and through the caves and back down is 31/2 miles; it takes about 3 hours. Pace yourself!

This was an unprepared for activity made possible by some free time and the older kids determination to get another Junior Ranger badge from the National Parks Service.

You know what else isn’t brilliant on the Timpanogos hike? A cranky 4 year old named Sassy.

Sadly, I couldn’t document any of it for posterity, due to the fact that I left the camera battery charging at home. I felt like, if the camera was an appendage, someone had amputated it. It was rather traumatic for all involved…even the kids would say, “Mom! Aren’t you going to take a picture?” and when I’d say, ‘I can’t, I don’t have the camera with me” they gave me this wild eyed look like, “Is the universe going to disappear now?”

Another thing that isn’t brilliant on the Timpanogos hike? Getting your period out of the blue, with most of the hike to go. Amidst the cramping and general ickiness of it all, I kept having these thoughts of being mauled by a mountain lion because my scent had made me a target. Has that even ever happened? Probably not, but I kept flashing to a news report that would happen later that night: “Menstruating woman attacked by mountain lion; offers 4 year old as appeasement; more at 9”.

Things got brilliant again at IKEA after a dinner of rolls, meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. I :heart: you, IKEA. We also picked up a loft bed for Sassy and saved over $200 in shipping! Of course, we had to cram it in the minivan which made seating for the kids rather interesting, but they were troopers about it.

I can’t wait to share more about our trip to farm country, and our brush with root vegetables. Oh, and corn, too. And tractors, and deer, and skipping stones!


5 Responses

  1. Wish I had a big ol pile of potatoes right about now. I’ve been craving a big steaming bowl of potato soup.

  2. Timpanogos is a doozy.
    No, I don’t imagine your beauties would have done you right on that trip.
    But the “cool!” factor probably helped everything. It’s pretty amazing there.

  3. I laughed so hard I peed a little! LOL

  4. Dude! I have the same boots!! LOVE ’em!
    Alaska will only be complete when we get a effing IKEA.

  5. Ahhhh, I used to live in Utah and had many memories of Timpanogas Cave. The first three times, we hiked it, only to find out we couldn’t get in because it was overbooked. One of those times we couldn’t get in, stupid college students that we were, we decided to hike a portion of Mount Timpanogas. That portion turned into the entire thing (18+ miles) with only a bottle of water and no sunscreen between all five of us.

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