Night ramblings.

Last night, Sassy was in bed by 8:30, the kids and hubby were hanging out happily, and I had put myself to bed by 9. So nice! I figured I’d surf the internet for an hour on my laptop and be asleep around 10. Heavenly! How often does that happen, where I’m simultaneously sleepy AND in my bed at the same time?!

Hubby gets the kids in their room and comes to bed at 9:30, snuggles up, gets himself some, turns on the TV, gets ‘Casino Royale’ from Comcast, starts it up, and promptly falls asleep by 10:30.

Everyone in the house is sleeping, but now I’m wide awake and watching James Bond blow things up until 1 am.

Total nights of good sleep, thwarted: 340598340958039485 + 1.


4 Responses

  1. I haven’t had a decent night sleep in I don’t know how long due to hubby’s snoring – I too have been wondering if 13 years of marriage lets us sleep in different rooms!

  2. Kez,

    It totally does – I’m the snorer and my husband took over the guest room 2 years ago. We both sleep really well now!

  3. Well, what did you expect…going and giving him some at that time of night. My Hubby gets his in the morning so there’s no risk of him falling asleep afterward.

    If he’s off to work he has a good day, if he’s staying home things get done around here.

    Overall, a good system. 😛

    Kez and Tari – I’m with you guys. After 14 years of marriage, I say separate bedrooms for all!

  4. I always end up awake HOURS after everyone else is in bed. And then somehow I am the one who has to wake up with the early bird 3 year old (who loves getting up BEFORE sunrise). 😉

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