A Pox on us!

I fully expect that my headstone will bear my name and this engraving: “She sure was nice, but she wasn’t very quick on the uptake.”

While we were in Idaho enjoying the spud harvest (which Golfer kept calling the ‘stud harvest’ until I corrected him), Golfer kept itching his arms and complaining about the stinking mosquito bites. I told him that mosquitoes weren’t around to bite anymore, and blew it off completely. Like: if there were no mosquitoes, then there must not be any bites, and his itching was a figment of his and my imagination.

A couple days ago, Naturalist started asking me to itch her back. And then she got some bumps on her face and I resolved to get her some acne face wash. And then, the bumps appeared on the bottom of her feet, and top of her head, and inside her mouth…and it sloooowly dawned on me….CHICKEN POX!

The same chicken pox that she and Golfer were vaccinated against. The same chicken pox that leave you itchy, scabby, and miserable. These have been relatively symptom free…no fever, no stomachache, no headache, no nothing. Just pox and a clueless mom! Naturalist seems to have gotten a more significant case, as the blisters just keep forming all over…but it’s still not as bad as when I got them at 8. Golfer was over and done with his after just a round of blisters.

But the real question is:

Anyone else have kids that were vaccinated for the Pox but still got them?


7 Responses

  1. LOL! How weird that they got them after being vaccinated.

  2. That is very strange that the Naturalist has them so bad. No worries about not recognizing them, we all have our moments. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Should we send chocolate and historical fiction novels?

  3. Yes, I mean, not mine, but kids here in IA get them and we were told the vax just makes it not contagious (so N and G got it from the same contagious person) and not as bad. Mire likle to get it from an adult with a case of Shingles.

    Also I was vax’d for MMR 4 times in my adult life and STILL got MUMPS in 2005.

  4. Never vaccinated, exposed many times, never caught them, tested immune. Lucky me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Me me me!!!! I have had them twice, actually, once as a teen which was HORRIBLE. I also had an adult version (shingles) in my 20s. The Doctor of course at the time said that was impossible, even though there were Dr. records showing full blown stuff. And yes, I was also vax’d.

    When I had them a bit older they were in my ears, mouth, on my eyelids, so horrible. Hoping it goes away quickly and they are scar-free!

  6. A kid at gymnastics had them a month or so ago and I was wondering if any of my vaccinated kids would get them. They didn’t.

    Sorry to hear that your kids got it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. It only makes sense that the last thing you would think would be chicken pox if you had them vaccinated against it.

    But now that they’re here, remember oatmeal baths, calamine lotion and lots of TLC.

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