A lovely morning.

My day started with snuggles in bed and more talk about Halloween. I didn’t make Golfer go as the sun, and in fact I think he’s keeping his camo face paint on until college, he loves it so much.

I made my way downstairs without having to put my beloved Uggs on, because it’s unseasonably warm this weekend (which made a FAB halloween night!). I mixed up my favorite pancakes (thanks Krusteaz!) and fried some crispy, thick cut bacon. I took the bacon grease and drizzled a little in the pan to cook the pancakes in. I like my cakes to have crispy edges. Sometimes I go overboard, though, like when I fried them up in grease, served them to my nephew, and heard him say, “Hey! Cool! Deep fried pancakes! I’ve never had them like this before!”

Naturalist helped make chocolate milk in our favorite frosty mugs, sacrificing hers for a regular cup since we didn’t have enough to go around. I love quiet acts of service within the family. 🙂

I ate a nice, hot stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup drizzled on top, crisp salty bacon drowned in the sweet syrup, all washed down with chocolate milk. It really doesn’t get any better than that! In fact, if I had to eat only one type of food–breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert–all day long, it would be breakfast food. But only because you can include so many desserty type things in it. Chocolate filled croissants? check. Pastries and danishes? check. Rich puddings and whipped cream garnishes? Double check! My favorite thing about living in Vegas was going to their breakfast buffets. Ahhhhh! But inquiring minds want to know, am I the only one mad for breakfast foods?


2 Responses

  1. If my boyfriend were voting in this poll he would say lunch. He makes everything into a sandwich. SANDWICH, SANDWICH, SANDWICH! And I guess that could include breakfast, too. YAY breakfast!

  2. Oh Tiff. I make a mean chocolate filled French Toast – ugh!!! I enjoy breakfast foods most when someone else makes them!

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