Our Halloween in a nutshell.

First: The pumpkins.

Halloween Pumpkins

Last year we not only carved pumpkins, but I harvested the ‘meat’ from them and made pumpkin puree for cooking muffins and stuff. It was so tedious and time consuming, I’ve been scarred forever and bought a ‘mr. potatohead’ type kit so I never have to scrape the inside of a pumpkin again. It’s been fun changing them 3034958304958 times a day…it’s like our 4 pumpkins morph into a bunch more.

But let’s not forget the festive food! I just love themed food. If I had the time, energy, and help from a personal shopper and sous chef, I would make every day a themed food day. Alas, I must resort to just enjoying it on major holidays. For this year, I made rice krispy jack ‘o lanters, green jello ‘slime’ with gross spiders (that no one ate, it was so realistic), chicken pot pie with a jack ‘o lantern crust, and our favorite Witches Brew (organic juice with sparkling water and a huge lump of dry ice) with ping pong eyeballs floating around.

Halloween Food

For costumes this year, they all went their separate ways. For so long I’d try to match them up…but what is easy to do with 2 kids is impossible with 3, so they chose their own. Golfer did a handmade Army camo costume using stuff we had around here, Naturalist also did a homemade ‘cat’ with socks for paws, and Sassy got the bona fide Tinkerbell costume because she is spoiled and I knew I had some cash to spare thanks to the thriftiness of the other two.

Halloween costumes

So, that’s our halloween in a nutshell! Good times had by all, and now we’re already being pushed into Christmas thanks to all the marketing going on in stores already. Sheesh. What happened to Thanksgiving?


5 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh–you totally went all out. And as a fellow Halloween lover, I got some great tips. I especially LOVED the pot pie idea. Talk about clever!

  2. Your pumpkins were awesome!! And the food was so creative. Wow!

    Loved the costumes. Kinda shows their own style.

    I miss Thanksgiving.

  3. CUTE costumes! Love the faces on the pumkins…they don’t rot as fast that way, I bet.

    Yeahhhhhhh…I have so far scraped and baked 22 pumpkins to freeze for baking and all that…plus a bunch in the fridge, and many in storage. WHEW! They are very hard to cut and scrape – and with my carpal tunnel I actually had a numb pinkie for a few hours after the last scraping extravaganza. But yummy! 🙂

    The Christmas push is a bit nuts. There were xmas things up at the same time as the halloween stuff a few places. Makes me even more committed to home made this year! 🙂

  4. seriously, would you adopt me??? your Halloween was WAAAAY cool!!! oh, and I’m totally with you on the pancakes/breakfast food. I had pancakes and eggs twice in the span of 24 hours this past weekend (that and like 3 lbs of candy :0 )

  5. Hi,

    I just came across your blog through Amber´s blog.
    I am stopping by just to tell you that I quoted you on my blog. I love the sentence “Bloom where you’re planted”.
    It is just perfect for my personal life moment.


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