I voted last week, and while checking off the different boxes I heard a guy start yelling, “You’re disenfranchising me! You can’t do this!”. He was escorted quickly out of the voting area. What was his story? I have no idea. But as he was led out, frantically screaming “I’VE BEEN DISENFRANCHISED!!!” I thought to myself, “Buddy, you’re not the only one who feels like that.” I think the theme of this whole freaking election has been an overall feeling of disenfranchisement. It’s probably what’s made the electoral process feel like it’s lasted 12 years already.

Going into the booth I was wracked with doubts, questions, and a certain amount of anxiety. But when I dropped my ballot into the crate, got my sticker, and walked out, all I felt was relief. TGIOver!

When Gore and Bush went head to head, Hubby the kids and I were in Hungary. We didn’t have internet or mainstream American channels on TV, just a central European version of the BBC. When I went to bed, they announced that Gore had won. When I woke up, they announced that Bush had won. Then Gore, then Bush, etc. etc. I told Hubby I knew we shouldn’t have left the US at such an important time, as obviously the country can’t function without us. The news snippets that would come on for the next couple weeks were along the lines of, “The leaders of the free world still can’t figure out who their President is, WTF?!?!”

But let me be clear, my friends (these phrases are now an indelible part of my vocab now. Thanks Obama and McCain!), that is exactly what I love about the US of A. We’ve always had a certain WTF aspect to our nation, starting from way back. “We’re revolting against the most powerful nation in the world…wtf?!” “We’re a free country without a clear government yet…wtf?” “Now we have a governement based on freedom and we also endorse slavery, wtf?” and on and on. We, collectively, are saucy and innovative. What doesn’t work, we fix. We go through hard times but we stay the course or make a new one. We are still a grand experiment, and that’s exciting. I hope everyone who can, is participating in it today!


And now, since wordpress has a new poll button (if you couldn’t tell by my new addiction to adding them to every post) I’m putting up my own exit poll. Your answer can’t be traced to you…but who did you vote for?!?


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  1. I love your assessment! USA=WTF? LOL!

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