I’m so glad it’s finally over!

There was so much that frustrated me in this election, from both Obama and McCain, but now that it’s over I can say there was so much coolness in it, too. I watched my kids listen with rapt attention to a woman debating a man for the vice presidency, and an african american man debate for the presidency. They learned about John McCain and his sacrifice for this country. They saw diverse images of people vying for the presidency in the primaries…and they saw them just like that…as people, first. Not as mexican, Mormon, black, white, lady, man, or anything else. Just as people united in trying to solve our country’s issues.

I have loved sharing the process with my kids.

I love that the voter turnout set records that hadn’t been set since women got the right to vote. I love that so many minorities can look at the highest office in our government and be reflected in it, finally! I love that the rest of the world is celebrating with us. I love that my kids are old enough to follow along and watch history being made. I love reading the story a woman told of her 7 year old son saying, “Obama won’t win, because he’s brown like me” and then being able to tell him he’s wrong. And also the story of the lady being pushed along the voting line in a wheelchair because, “I’m 101 years old! I’ve waited all this time to vote for a black president!” I love that, by the time his term is done, the focus will have switched from what color person Obama is to what kind of President he’s been…and that the term “black President” will be shortened to plain old “President”, which is how it should be.

I love the history of it all!

Most of all, I love that it’s finally over!

Red, white & blue balloon

This picture doesn’t really have much to do with the post, but it IS red, white and blue! Which still doesn’t have much to do with anything. Or maybe…it could be all your hopes and dreams sailing away with the defeat of McCain, or a sign that we will rise above it all if you voted for Obama. Yes, lets go with that.


4 Responses

  1. “So glad it’s finally over” cracked me up.

    There was something very exciting about waking up and knowing who the President was, but also pretty sad that I missed the big reveal. I imagine that when Florida went blue I would have woken up the entire buliding.

    And I like your balloon pic. Much more original than my own “Obama symbol” Google image search. 😉

  2. Exciting, memorable, historic, and exhausting!

  3. Woot! I love the Halloween pics! So creative!

  4. I’m glad it’s over, too. 🙂

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