Some days are just right!

It’s the afternoon, and so far:

* there has been no whining! From anyone!
* I’ve had lots of help making yummy muffins! From everyone!
* We’ve watched cool, nerdy, educational shows on History & Discovery channels!
* On commercial breaks, the kids have been more than happy to do some major cleaning around here for a guest we’re having over tonight!
* Even Sassy did a fab. job with her ‘chore’ of cleaning the table, chairs, and walls!
* All 3 have played together so kindly and helpfully!
* At one point, I heard Naturalist and Golfer say, “Let’s turn off the TV so we can clean more!”
* They’ve been organizing their room AND Sassy’s room, too!
* I made a kick ass shepherds pie using New York Strip steak in place of ground round. Mmmmm!
* I thought ahead and also made the kids (vegetarians…except Sassy) their own shepherds pie without the meat.
* I’ll also have apple dumplings made and cooking for dessert, which gives such a great aroma on a cold fall night!
* I’m showering and doing my hair! (lol…so sad this basic grooming makes for a special day…)

Days like this, where the stars align just right, are so rare. I’m enjoying it completely.


2 Responses

  1. That does sound like an awesome day!

  2. Oh wow! Cherish the day!!!

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