Another one bites the pox…

It’s been a week since Naturalist and Golfer finished up their round of the Pox. And really, I thought Sassy was going to dodge it, being as she is a little thing called vaccinated. But then again, so are the other kids, so apparently it means nothing in this cruel world.

Today she woke up just like any other day: in my bed (she loves to sneak in at around 2 am), quick morning stretch, quick kiss to my right hand (the ‘snuggle bug’ one, as opposed to my left hand, which is the ‘tickle bug’ one), a perky ‘good morning!’, and then a run downstairs to forrage for food. 5 minutes later, hubby calls up, “Hey! Come down and see this!” which is never a good thing. It’s not like I ever come down to see and ‘this’ is bouquet of flowers, or a dessert someone has left on my doorstep, or a sparkling clean house. It’s usually more along the lines of projectile vomit splattered on the wall, or diarrhea spread on the couch, or something equally as disgusting.

I rushed down the stairs, and hubby has Sassy’s shirt pulled up to expose a rash of blisters across her torso and going up her neck to her face. The Pox!

About that time she started saying she was sick and going to throw up, so I ushered her into the bathroom and placed her over the toilet. Frantically searching for a hairband, I turned around just in time to see her slowly collapse onto the floor. Truthfully, she does that anytime she’s unhappy with things, like when I try to put her hair up, so I gently chided, “Sassy! What is it this time!” After a quick assessment, I realized this wasn’t Sassy being sassy, this was Sassy being unconscious. She was laying on her side, not moving except for a little shake, making little grunting sounds.

Dear Lord. There is nothing scarier. When little kids do this, 2 angels should come down from heaven. One to administer to the child, and one to administer to the mom. Amen.

Naturalist did the same thing when she was 2 and had a raging ear infection. She spiked a fever and had a febrile seizure. She was kind enough to do it at the doctors office, though, so all I did was hand her over to the nurses and quietly hyperventilate while they did all the work. This time, there was no doctors office, no nurses, and no help. Just me and unconscious Sassy.

I recalled what the nurses had done with Naturalist, and repeated it. I kept Sassy on the floor, on her side, making sure there was no blockage to her airway. I held her hands and feet still so she wouldn’t flail around and hurt herself. I waited calmly for the seizure to be over.

Actually, it’s only afterwards that I remembered what they had done. What I really did was scoop her up in my arms, saying over and over, “Sassy! Sassy!” I hefted her over my shoulder and patted her scorching hot back. I laid her back into my arms and held her scorching hot face and watched with increasing alarm as her eyes rolled back into her head. I leaned her over while thick spittle drooled from her mouth.

Dear Lord. If we mom’s really have to handle stuff like this, could you at least provide a service manual with these precious children? There’s enough room in the womb. Also? could you give out ‘bonuses’ whereby some wrinkles dissapear or some cellulite goes away? Amen.

After a minute or two (which felt like a couple hours), as I was taking her shirt off to try to cool her scorching hot body, I brushed over an open pox. “Mamma! Don’t touch that!” she barked. Ah. She’s back! Febrile seizure done with, I carried her to the kitchen to get some Advil in her to take the fever down. That stuff works quickly! Yay!

Dear Lord. Thank you for Advil and Dora the Explorer. Amen.

With Sassy lying down watching TV, I set out to make some calls.

I’ve discovered that while anyone with Pox in the public school community is a pariah, here in the homeschool community they’re a rock star. So now, we have our day lined out with people bringing their kids to be exposed to the Pox. Sassy gets lollipops, and they get chicken pox. It’s a win-win.

Now, all’s well. She’s back to being Sassy, and I’m trying to figure out how to keep her from itching all these stinking pox all over.

I’m glad I had a great day yesterday, and got my shower in. It’ll be another couple days before that happens again…


17 Responses

  1. Good Lord.

    When I read how you calmly held her hands and feet, I was ready to stand up and applaud. I was thinking “Wow – I would NEVER be able to keep it together like that!” Then I read the next paragraph, and considered nominating you for some kind of blogging award. Or mother award. Or both.

    We really are expected to deal with an awful lot. Poor Sassy, and poor YOU. I love that the first words out of her mouth were yelling at you. She’s awesome.

    Enjoy being rock stars. You should charge admission. Like a casserole. Or pie. They bring you pie, you infect their children. It’s a plan. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness.
    I’m certainly not The Good Lord, but here’s me heaping Blessings on your head.

    Thanks so much for sharing this – the passing out / unconscious /seizure bit.
    I’ve never experienced it, and wouldn’t know what to do.
    Now I won’t assume that the world is coming to an end, but will take comfort in this should -heaven forbid- I ever have this experience.

    Here’s lots of love, Friend.

  3. Poor Sassy, Poor Mom!

    I second that motion for a manual.

    I know I mentioned it already but Oatmeal baths (Aveeno Bath Treatment works great) and calamine lotion (or Aveeno Anti-Itch cream).

    Good luck!

  4. TIff! you almost made me cry! seriously. You poor thing. I’m so sorry 😦 And poor little Sassy (though Sassy was as sassy as ever…LOL!!)

    You deserve all of your fellow homeschoolers bringing you fabulous desserts when they come to expose their kids. XOXOXOXO Lisa

  5. OH MAN. Good for you for not collapsing into a heap on the floor beside her! Yikes!! As I was reading along I have to say that I was thinking, shoot, if we only lived closer…. when is someone around HERE going to get the pox? We need the pox!! And even more so now that you are my proof that vaccinated children get the pox anyway. Sometimes. If I lived closer I would be coming over bearing lollipops for the pox party and a casserole for your trouble.

    Hang in there, friend.

  6. Yeah, scary how doctors force you to poke them saying it will be worse if they get the pox… & then they get it anyway. Soooo sorry to hear that!

  7. Having had two kids go through febrile seizures, I feel your pain and fear too. Wow! I hate this stuff when it comes to parenting. You are supermom and its good to hear that sassy is back. Now bring on the lollipops.

  8. Wow! That must have been scary. Hope she gets over the pox quickly.

  9. Oh, man!!! I would have completely freaked out. In fact I was holding my breath just reading this!
    Good mama.

  10. Yikes- no fun at all. Sorry- yeah Dora!

  11. I don’t think I blinked the entire time I was reading that! You are a rockstar mom. With all you’ve dealt with, you not only deserve an award, but also a day (week, 10 days?) to pamper yourself at some resort. I hope Miss Sassy is feeling better soon and your house isn’t too overrun with those looking to become infected.

  12. I laugh, I cry…dear you make me emotional! Glad to hear that Sassy is doing better – but how scary…(((HUGS)))

  13. This is a great post! The seizure would have put me over the edge. Love your humorous writeup. The rock star bit is so true! I know people who would mob you if they were nearby. 🙂

  14. I have to second what Stephanie said and thank you for sharing this with us because I had never heard of the passing out thing before either! I am so glad that you were able to write this entry with such a sense of humor! I”d probably still be crying about the ordeal.

    Thank goodness everyone in your house is on the mend!


  15. HOLY ESS!!!!! I didn’t know kids could commonly have seizures like that when sick! Our kids are ridiculously healthy-except when mommy and daddy go on a rare trip together sans kids, then they are both puking. I would have been appoplectic if that happened to me.

    All natural hair color-for the stress greys-can be found cheap at WalMart if you can stomach the place…

  16. Oh, that is scary! I have a 3 year old with asthma…I understand how hard those moments are…trying to quickly assemble a nebulizer or rescue inhaler as my child wheezes and turns blue and I don’t have time to FREAK OUT! UGH. If only parents never had to go through that stuff.

  17. Tipper
    I cant tell you how many times i saw your husband pass out at the sight of a drop of blood or something
    that made him not feel well-
    sorry if your kids have that jean

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