I really have no title for this post.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent well wishes for Ms. Chicken Pox SassyPants! I’m behind replying to your comments, but your collective psychic encouragement kept us both going through the sleepless, itchy nights and painful, long days.

The progression of the pox over one 24 hour period:

progression of chicken pox.

She’s gone from open pox to nicely scabbed over pox, but still looks quite frightening. And, in the amazingly cosmic way that kids have to time any sickness/injury adjacent too other important events, I’m wondering if the airline stewardesses on our flight to Disneyworld on Saturday will take one look at her and kick us off the plane. (Add this to my current fear of being shackled to the seat just because they feel like it).

I’m taking her to the doctor tomorrow to get her checked over and a note clearing her for takeoff, in case I need to prove it to anyone. When I first called the pediatricians office I asked for an appointment for ‘my daughter with chicken pox’ and there was a loooong pause and then “let me put you in touch with a nurse. I don’t know if we want….that…..in our office.” ??? So, I guess in the case of a big outbreak of SARS or some other dread disease, we’re on our own.

Also on the line…a disneyriffic time at a salon in Cinderella’s castle, where fairy godmothers take little princesses in training, like Sassy, and give them updo’s, makeup, nails, and a princess sash. Over the top? Absolutely. Just perfect for a 4 year old? Absolutely. It’s all she’s talked about, but I’m not sure they won’t take one look at her scabby face and declare her banished from the castle. *sigh* I’ve got to call on that today, too.

In other news, my birthday was the best one yet. It started with breakfast in bed made by the kids and hubby, progressed to birthday lunch by my mom & sister, some birthday shopping, a lot of birthday sushi, and the best birthday present EVER! But that deserves a post by itself, so I’ll wait to share.

In the meantime, suggest solutions as to what to do with Sassy if we have to leave her behind while we frolic at Disneyworld next week.

I kid…I kid…we won’t leave her behind. Probably.


2 Responses

  1. Happy birthday and good luck with Disney!

  2. YOU MUST SPILL on the present!!!!

    glad the day was GREAT 🙂 you deserve it!!

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