Happiest Place on Earth!

And by that, I don’t mean Disneyworld (although it is!), I mean anywhere I happen to be with my new precious.

Canon Rebel…I didn’t even know what I was missing before you came into my life, but you have shown me how incomplete it was until now.

I will sum up my trip so far with a few of my favorite pictures. I will start with my first bokeh (pay no mind to Ms. Sassypants, who doesn’t understand how truly monumental this step is in my life and is trying to ruin my shot):

my first bokeh

Next I will take you to the Dumbo ride, which Sassy calls ‘the Flying Hippopotomus Ride’ (???) which we don’t correct because it makes us laugh too hard. I have a newfound compulsion of standing in front of this attraction, putting my camera on the ‘Tv’ knob, adjusting the F something, and then taking massive amounts of pictures of strangers riding in flying hippo’s. (?!?)

Flying elephants.

This same compulsion extends to the Princess Carousel ride in front of the castle. What can I say?!

Carousel ride.

Every once in a while I remember that I need to take pictures of an actual human, so I throw them in the scene, too. But really this is all about the carousel…OK, OK, and two princesses waiting for their horsey ride. I really do love this one of Sassy and her cousin.

Princesses by their carousel

And the grand finale of this little post…something that was the grand finale for us here at Disneyworld…the firework show! And this last picture wouldn’t be possible without my Canon Rebel. I present…fireworks behind the Castle!

Disney Magic

These are all SOOC, I can’t wait to get home and tweak them a bit with the new software that came with my precious.

Disneyworld has rocked. Kids have rocked. Camera rocks.

Vacations rock!


5 Responses

  1. Those are terrific photos! The one of the carousel horse stopped makes me dizzy.

    Wow – that castle with the fireworks is gorgeous. No wonder girls love it. I kind of got the chills.

  2. Woo hoo! Doesn’t bokeh rule???

  3. These are awesome! I’d just settle for non-blurry pics of my sons; I’m convinced they vibrate faster than the human eye can detect. I must learn my camera!

  4. You did a flippin fantastic job with your new camera!!!! Those pics all look great!!!

    Made me miss DW!

  5. I have the same camera – a Mother’s Day present. She is a prrrrty camera, ain’t she? I haven’t even figured out all the settings yet but I have a blast with it still. Your sooc shots look fantastic. Love the Flying Hippo Ride the best. :]

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