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A first.

I said something yesterday that I’ve never said before. I believe the actual phrasing was, “I don’t want to go to another theme park ever again.”

6 different theme parks on 6 consecutive days will do that, I guess. In order, we’ve been to: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. Some days we’ve hit two.

However, I’m the type of gal that has happily spent 2 weeks going to Disneyland, sun up ’till sundown, so I thought I could handle it….but like Icarus flying to the sun, I got burned on this one. If I never step into another simulated motion ride, it will be too soon. Roller coaster? I’ll barf, I swear. Even riding in a car gets me feeling sick and queasy. I just want to lay here, eating my Dunkin’ Donuts and staying still. No more walking, pushing a stroller, or navigating lines. Although, I shouldn’t complain at all about lines because we really haven’t stood in any, all week. As we’d hoped, everyone is saving their vacation until Thanksgiving week, not the week before, so all the rides in every park have been walk on. Unless we wait for the front row, in which case it’s maybe 5 minutes on the good coasters.

Today we got up and declared a ‘theme park free’ day…we slept in, got donuts, are watching TV still in our pajamas…eventually we may get ready for the day and go miniature golfing or swimming…or, not.

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