Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Snow has come late this year to our part of Colorado. Perhaps Mother Nature gave us a furlough after the last 2 winters of pain.

On black friday, though, she pulled out the stops and a nice storm blew through that night. It was wonderful to fall asleep to gently falling snow, and then wake up to (sorry for the use of an already overused phrase…) a winter wonderland.

As per our family tradition, anytime we wake up to snow on the ground, Hubby has to make Cream of Wheat for breakfast. The kids like to call his creation, “Dad’s Delight” and that’s always a good way to usher in a new day!

Then, Naturalist and I went on a walk to her favorite place in the world. We live in a bona fide subdivision and are true blue suburbanites, but trust her to find a little spot on the boundaries between our development and the next where nature has claimed it’s spot.

winter white

“Oh, Naturalist! The view is beautiful from here! I can see why you like it so much. Now let’s go get some hot chocolate!” I exclaimed once she got me there.

“Oh, no, mom! This isn’t even the best part! Let me show you…” and she beckoned me forward.

A friendly invitation to enter.

It was hard to keep up with her and try to hold onto my camera!

"Follow me!"

But, I’m glad I did. A lovely, quiet, peaceful scene awaited!

the creek

Somewhere at the bottom of this creek lies my sisters’ new snow tire.


There are some animals that burrow in and around this Oak, and Naturalist was checking on their tracks to see who had come and gone.

old oak

And by this tree is where Naturalist has made a burrow of her own.

I love these walks that she invites me on. As she’s grown up, she snuggles less. We don’t take baths together like we used to. We don’t cook together as much, either. When I try to give her a kiss, she turns her head or bends it down so I end up smooching a cheek or the top of her head. She retreats to her room to read by herself a lot more. I understand all these things, which doesn’t make it any easier to adjust to the changes that a tween brings, but it does make me appreciate the times when she welcomes me into her world.

I’m not looking forward to more snow, but I am looking forward to more walks!


6 Responses

  1. Wow – what a gorgeous place! It’s like another land – like Narnia or something.

  2. I love snow. That is just gorgeous!

  3. Oh, that’s just beautiful. 🙂

  4. Very cool that she found her own little retreat in the woods near your home. 🙂

  5. How lovely and serene. And though I’m with you about the snow, it sure does make for some great scenery…and awesome pics.

    I share the wistfulness of the increasingly rare moments of Mother/Daughter that comes with raising a newly teen girl.

    These days Daughter is either busy with friends and events or just doing her own thing. It’s so nice when she takes time out to share some of her adventures with me.

  6. Beautiful!

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