Merry Christmas!

While I sit and try to digest homemade cinnamon rolls, mashed potatoes, corn off the cob, prime rib, more cinnamon rolls, homemade dinner rolls, deluxe hot chocolate, monkey bread, mint brownies, and candied carrots, I’ll post a picture of my kids at Christmas ’05 and Christmas ’08:

Growing up

Now tell me, how is it possible that 3 short years ago I had a young family with a Sassy Toddler bopping around, and now I have a tweenager, a sports nut dude, and a Sassy Princess who routinely beats me at Mario Kart?

How! How?! And when? When did it happen?!

(edited to add…the ’05 picture was taken with a standard camera with film. Can you imagine life before digital? Either can I, but apparently I did, in fact, exist without it at one point.)


One Response

  1. Cute photos. It is amazing how quickly time goes when we are busy being busy mamas! 😉

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