Winter Blues.

My February winter blues are hitting early this year, probably because it’s been unusually cold this winter, but without snow to play in. Just below freezing arctic air blowing (literally, as in 40-90 mph winds) through, keeping all of us inside.

Cabin fever, anyone?

Add to that the neverending winter sicknesses we keep passing back and forth to each other.


I’m just about ready to pull up shop and move to the Mediterranean. Well, actually I’m always ready to pull up and move there, so that’s not new. But right now I just want to go somewhere warm, where I can open the windows in my home and let in some fresh air, set the kids and dog outside to play, and wear something other than my very-comfy-but-very-bulky-Uggs.

winter shoes

I’ve channeled my winter blues on Flickr, where a number of blue photos caught my eye.

At least this way, my winter blues are pretty!

winter blues.


4 Responses

  1. So with you. Seriously. I am sick to death of my big fat boots, cozy though they may be. I am sick of sick — just as Bea gets better, Em gets it. Then I get it. Then, Bea’s nose starts running again… is this some sort of joke?! Could it be over now?! -20 is just so D U M B.

    Anyway. How about a nice unschooling collective in the Mediterranean? We could just hang on the beach? Hey? : )

  2. Nice photos. Nice Uggs!

    I’m done with winter this year too. Tonight is going to be -25º with -45º windchills and insane wind. I don’t like weather where you could DIE in like 30 minutes. Too much! Hee. I do crave moving every single Jan/Feb though, so nothing new.

    I somehow still don’t have gloves or boots this year (or last year, cough, cough). And we had like 50+ inches of snow in Dec and it is wayyyyyyyy below zero and I’m the one who shovels. Gotta just do it. Denial…yep!

  3. Yep. I’m pretty much ready for that tropical island vacation right now. Too bad it ain’t happening.
    Sick of the boots. Sick of the long-johns. Realistically looking at perhaps three more months of it.
    Nice blue pics.

  4. I won’t tell you what our high was today…okay, I will. It was 65! Eerie weather (even for us) but beautiful.

    Hope you get some reprieve soon. And don’t forget to take your Airborne!

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