A cold weather respite!

Here in Colorado, we’ve had our fair share of below freezing, snow dumping storms in the past couple months. Which isn’t to say it’s been like living on the East Coast or anything–they’ve gotten their fair share plus everyone else’s–but it’s been pretty isolating and grey.

But what I love about Colorado winters, is that they rarely stay that harsh. In fact, we’ve only had to shovel our driveway 4 or 5 times this year, because the weather always turns around and gives us some snow melting warmth.

Take this week, for example:

Colorado winter weather

If anything, it’s been 5-10 degrees warmer than that. Today we ran around in 72 degrees of heaven! Not to brag, of course. Well, OK, I’m totally bragging, and here are the pictures to make the point that I live in the best state ever!

Nothing but blue skies and aerobies flying!


We spent hours outside at the park, soaking up the warmth. In fact, in this next picture Sassy has a coat on (out of habit) but it didn’t stay on long in 67 degrees!


And as always, the swing was the best part!


Frito Bandito completed all her shots and so was cleared to join us outside at the park with other dogs and kids around. This made her very happy…see her smile?

puppy faces

And my personal favorite: sitting outside eating a donut and reading an old favorite (the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card).

all I need.

We’re soaking it all up now, because tomorrow it’s going to get colder, and by the weekend we’ll have snow again. But until then…you can catch us outside, if you need us!

*a little illustration to show how wonderful the Rocky Mountains are to us. Not only is the National Park a short drive away, they keep the pesky snow from showing up. We’re literally 30 degrees warmer on the eastern slope than if we were on the western slopes!

And where are you? Warm or cold?
Where are you?!


7 Responses

  1. I am weeping…

  2. freeeeeeeeezing

  3. warm and happy!

  4. Oh look. There I am enduring below freezing temperatures. Sigh… I used to like this blog. 😉

  5. Ok. That’s it. I’m moving. MOuntains, snow, AND warm winters. I’m OUTTA here!!!!! 🙂

  6. Las Vegas, NV…mid-60’s. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. We have not seen sun here in days. Just freezing weather. Slid all the way down my driveway the other morning on our way to school. If you are lucky enough to have sunshine break through the thick, thick fog it is said to be about 50! This year things have been strange around here.

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