16 things.


Over in the rockin’ party known as Flickr, kim.em tagged me to give 16 random things about myself, and since I’m the most random person ever you’d think this would be easy! NOT! But here goes:

1) If you put a pencil in both my hands and between my toes of both my feet, I can write anything, in cursive, in mirror images…right sides going forwards, left sides going backwards.

2) I’ve never lost my ability for enthusiasm, which gets awkward when I’m the only one bouncing up and down, clapping my hands.

3) If I had one wish, I’ve always (since I can remember) wanted a cookbook of every food in the world, and I could reach in and pluck it out of the book and eat it. best. wish. ever!

4) I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It loves to go frizzy, and I hate it.

5) I lived in Budapest while two of my kids were 4 and 1 while my hubby did a student exchange program at the University there.

6) I love sleeping on overnight trains across Europe.

7) I am a night person. My kids and hubby are all morning people. This causes conflict.

8) If I walk by a TV that’s turned on, I will sit and watch whatever is on and totally lose track of time. Even if the program is boring, or I’ve seen it before. TV is my achilles heel.

9) I’m part of a new generation of homeschoolers that totally rock!

10) Fondue–both cheese and chocolate–is pretty much the best thing ever invented.

11) I was born in So. Cal and lived there until I was 12.

12) At 12, I lived in NJ until I left for college. Culture shock!

13) When I was 8, my mom and dad bought a Vanagon and we spent a month driving across country and back again. Those experiences remain some of my best memories, and probably is the seed that started me on my homeschooling path!

14) If I could reform anything, it would be the public school system.

15) I took piano lessons for almost 5 years, and can’t play a tune. I’m hopeless with anything musical.

16) If I could have one superpower for a day, I’d love to be able to sing like Pat Benetar and rock all her songs in a Karaoke bar.

So there you go! 16 totally random things about me!


4 Responses

  1. Great list. I sing Pat Benatar in the car. Loudly.

  2. OMGosh. Remember when we were in Hungry and “do you know the way to San Trope (San Jose or Santa Fe according to chubby hubby)” was playing in the super market? We were in different isles but came around opposite corners with the same silly dance? Or the other times when Mexican or music with a accordion starts playing and we can’t manage to do anything but bounce up and down. Good times – enthusiasm! I think I have the same dorkiness 🙂

  3. Fun. 🙂 Always love finding the tidbits out.

    I’m an enthusiastic person too. I realize that here where I live people are NOT expressive. I have been to many a park playdate to tell a story very animatedly, only to realize the person (mom person) was staring at me wide eyed like I was insane. Uh, just telling a story, lady! 😉

  4. Loved the list Tiff! I’m with you on #10… My one and only trip to “The Melting Pot” was with you and ‘the girls’. So fun! And so worth it… even if Spencer wouldn’t put your calls through after that! 🙂 Miss you.

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