Sunday Tradition.

sunday tradition

When we (1) wake up to snow, then I (2) get some rolls rising in the oven, (3) put some stew together in a crock pot, so that when we (4) go to church, we come back to (5) a lovely hot meal eaten together while we look out at winter through our bay windows.

Last night I put the stew in so it could slowly cook over 12 hours and get the stew meat nice and soft. It was just a happy coincidence that the snow decided to come down early this morning to complete the tradition. The weather caught us all off guard. The two older kids have been sleeping outside on our balcony ever since the weather went into the 70’s last week–and even though it’s now dipped well into the low 20’s, they just pile more blankets over themselves and snuggle up. Imagine their (and our!) surprise when they woke up to an inch of snow on top of them!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, fun. I love weekend traditions. And I always loved camping in the cold better than the hot, sticky, humid, buggy heat of the summer. 🙂 Fun way to wake up. THose rolls look good!

  2. your kids are going to have the best memories of their childhood

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