Out of the Box Thinkers

Out of the Box Thinkers Group.

I’ve been sitting on an idea for, oh, about 2 years now. Which is about how long it takes me to go from thinking about cleaning out my kitchen cabinets to actually cleaning up my kitchen cabinets, but that’s another story.

In any case, when I started on the quest to understand why my smart, creative, enthusiastic daughter was suffering so badly at school, at first I looked to the educators in the system for answers. I got a lot of labels and a lot of accomodations, but I wasn’t any closer to understanding why a girl who had an imagination for days and who remembered everything that Jeff Corwin ever said about nature on his TV show, why she wasn’t able to LEARN at school. I wanted more than labels. I wanted understanding.

To do that, I googled, wept, and prayed. One thing would lead to another, and after thousands and thousands of hours I had a spiders web of connections, all leading me to one simple truth. The education system in the US is made by, for, and about thinking in the box. and Naturalist was so far OUT of the box, she couldn’t even see it from where she was. And in the end, the people who taught me the most about my daughter were other bloggers, most of them moms, who were writing about their Out of the Box thinkers. Most of them also acknowleged labels, things like:

Right Brain Thinkers
2e (gifted with Learning differences)
Sensory Disorders
Processing Disorders
other Learning Differences
etc., etc.

But most if not all of them also wanted beyond the labels. They wanted basic respect that there isn’t just one way from point A to point B, and freedom for their child(ren) to get there in their own way. They also wanted to reach out to other parents, since it can feel so isolating and alone when your child is the only one (you think!) struggling with things that are easy for everyone else.

I dreamed of making my own group, full of people looking for answers, validations, and other stories of kids who were Out of the Box Thinkers. And I sat on it, and sat on it, and procrastinated and procrastinated, until finally I’d had enough of my own lolligagging and actually MADE the group up out of thin air.

I call it the “Out of the Box Thinkers Group” or OOTBTG for short. And then, immediately after naming the group I wondered if “The Road Less Travelled” (TRLT) was a better name, and then I wondered if there wasn’t an even better name that I hadn’t thought of yet and maybe I named it too rashly, and then I told myself to be quiet and let it go.

I have a little group set up at Yahoo Groups (link through to find it) and am opening up the invitations to anyone who recognized their child (or themselves) in the description.

And now, let the party begin!


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful! And I love the name Out of the Box Thinkers…it’s catchy.


  2. Hey, I love the name…I see “ootbt” and think of a Dr. Seuss word. It just LOOKS like a “different drummer” word! 🙂

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