John Gunnison is fascinating.

At least, to the Golfer. So he created a lapbook using Easy File Folder Reports

Gunnison Lapbook

Inside he answers all the big questions, such as….What difficulties did Gunnison face?

What opposition did Gunnison face?

And, what did Gunnison find?

What did Gunnison find?

Not to mention 3 things Gunnison did in the West.

what did Gunnison do?

Most importantly of all, he answered whether he would have liked to been an explorer with Gunnison:

Would you want to join Gunnison's expedition?

Maybe it’s because my kids rarely if ever write things down (other than their lists to Santa), but I am totally charmed by Golfers assessment of Gunnison and find myself giggling over how he found “Mormons” and faced “bad weather and angry Indians”. But my favorite FAVORITE is his portrait of John Gunnison. At first, the thought of drawing a picture made him freak out a little. I figured all the writing would have thrown a wrench into things, but he did really well with all that. But the portrait almost did him in. So I gave him some encouragement, talked him into lowering his expectations (parenting kids who think Outside the Box is like bizarro parenting, where the focus is to get them to relax their standards and lower their expectations rather than the other way ’round) and left him alone for a bit. When I came back, he had turned a simple pencil sketch into quite a nice portrait of the man, don’t you think?!

John Gunnison Portraits


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  1. I liked the gold buttons! The picture is in black & white, but he knows that officer buttons are mostly brass! He’s the best!

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