I’m going to (an Island) in my mind…

With all due respect to James Taylor, if I’m going anywhere in my mind, it’s going to some Island, somewhere warm and sunny. Remote enough that me and my guests are the only ones on the beach, but not so remote that I can’t have a cabana boy attending to my beck and call.

I keep mentioning Mexico to hubby…the further into Winter we go, the stronger I feel the pull to go somewhere else. He keeps asking, “What exactly do you think is IN Mexico?” and I tell him, Listen, I’ve seen Bret Michaels Rock of Love and there is a boat, bed on a balcony, infinity pools, and tiki torches. Hubby reminds me, “Not for us, there wouldn’t be!”

So OK, there wouldn’t be any escape for me there either, but warm winds and sunny days mean something, right? I keep singing “Islands In the Sun” under my breath, picturing Hubby and I frolicking in the ocean with Rivers Cuomo as my cabana boy:

When you’re on a golden sea
You don’t need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone

On an island in the sun
We’ll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain

We’ll run away together
We’ll spend some time forever
We’ll never feel bad anymore…

Let this song sustain us all until the blasted Winter is over!

(Here’s a link to an acoustic version, which I love even more.