2e Tuesdays. What the heck is 2e?

2e, Twice Exceptional, Tuesday…it has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? While I blog a lot about our unschooling, our life, our quirks and our fun, I haven’t talked a lot about my kids with 2e…mostly because it is such a frustrating and complicated issue to get down in black and white. But I think I’m ready to find my voice, and maybe help others find their voice, too. So what is 2e, anyway?

2e…twice exceptional. As the 2e Newsletter puts it:

“These are “2e kids” – twice-exceptional children. They’re exceptional because they’re gifted and exceptional because they have learning disabilities, learning disorders, attention difficulties, or just plain learning differences.”

Or, as I put it:

“2e kids–exceptionally wonderful, and exceptionally aggravating. The kids that make their mama’s say, “Stop being so lazy!” or “Just CONCENTRATE! You did this same problem a second ago!” or “Why do you have to make everything harder than it is!” or “Why can’t you gete this right? This is the EASY part?!”

These are the wicked smart kids who end up being called ‘slow’ or failing out of school…the Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Walt Disney’s of the world. They are walking paradox’s.

Over at Uniquely Gifted, Meredith explains it this way:

these kids have a hard time of it in our education system – because their giftedness can mask their special needs and their special needs hide their giftedness, they are often labeled as “lazy”, “unmotivated”, “not trying”. Many people don’t even realize that a child can be both gifted and learning disabled

And what does the National Association for Gifted Children say about 2e kids?

Living and teaching these children can be extremely confusing. How can a child have an amazing memory for airplane trivia but not be able to test well on basic multiplication facts? It seems improbable that someone who knows the intricate directions to a place he’s only visited once can’t remember directions for homework or where they put their books. Yet that is exactly what can happen with twice exceptional kids. Twice-exceptional children can easily be misperceived as lazy, stubborn, careless, or unmotivated.

There are few people who have heard of, let alone understand, 2e kids. There currently is no precise test to determine it. There is no rigid guideline to recognize it. It’s tough to nail down and even tougher to understand. But I feel like the time is right to get the word out there, to all the moms and dads who are shaking their heads thinking, “What in the world do we do with this child?”. The response to the Out of the Box Thinkers group has been great, and many people have been able to share their experiences with 2e kids. And being able to share my own stories of my 3 OOTBT has been cathartic, as well.

My goal is to have a blog about 2e every Tuesday, because it’s time to spread the word. And if you recognize your kids or yourself in any of these definitions, I have a place for you over at the Out of the Box group, so come on over!

Out of the Box Thinkers Group.


11 Responses

  1. This sounds like Trev!

  2. My 10 year old son can rattle off everything he knows about animals & wildlife, but cannot spell a word back to me (that I just told him how to spell) to save his life.

    Is this possibly 2e?

  3. The post I’ve been wanting to write. 😉 May I join you in writing 2e Tuesdays? 2e is a joyful hell, that’s for sure. 😉

  4. SO my younger son! And definitely frustrating and joyful all in the same second – it’s a challenge to have him around!

  5. is it possible many many children (even most?) are 2e? I think alot of children (including at least 2 of my own) are 2e. My 10 yo can tell you anything about a computer….rattle of many directions for this that and the other thing, memorize many many a magic trick…but multiplication. NOPE. My 14 yo is self taught guitar playing( by ear mind you) but his testing skills suck…..I know he IS smart….just not in the way society defines it.
    His father will NOT allow me to homeschool…so they are both stuck in a crappy school system that doesn’t give two hoots about any special kids except the ones deemed slow learners…so I do my best to encourage them to do what they can and not punish them for NOT getting things school thinks they should. Its hard….any ideas for making it easier?

  6. This is wonderful! So empowering. My 2e 12 year/old – (We came away with the twice-exceptional label after giftedness etc. testing) just did not like conventional school AT all and it was crushing his love of learning. The school (which was actually quite creative and nice) felt we were maxing out their system and did not know how to accommodate him further. Homeschooling is rocking our world and our younger two are still in school (for now). Weather in school or not, recognizing and nurturing our 2e kids – I LOVE that term – has been the best twist of fate in our families’ life. An example of his 2e’ness, he makes unusually connections between things, is insightful, has great potential in math (vedic math is on our horizon) but has the hardest time with handwriting, multiplication the conventional way etc., gets stressed about expectations and has sensory integration challenges that really impact him life. I will enjoy following this blog!

  7. […] the kids and I navigate through 2e learning and unschooling, one thing has become clear to me…it’s all about the big picture. […]

  8. When I see this blog my eyes are welling with tears because my 9 y son has the same problem.
    He is very intelligent but he is not like other kids. His memory is .. I dont know what to say. I just rely on him without any doubt. He will allign anything simply looking at the pictures in the manual . How he could see it fully in his mind I always wonder.

    He became very moody once he started to go to school.The problems seemed to increase when we scold him for that. The real problem started when the spelling lessons started. And I always thought it was his laziness. I will never be able to forgive myself for those times.

    I recognised that he is having this problem only after seeing a movie.

    It was the most shocking experience that happened in my life. After that I made it a point that I will there for him to help him get through .

    Thanks for all the guidance on net.

    I identified this on the verge on losing him. But now I am happy that my love and care has brought back smile in his face. Even now sometimes he tests my limits.

    I don’t believe in the school’s way of teaching. So learn every thing in our own way. He does not have attention deficit. So I dont have to teach him the portions . But I teach him how to write it correctly for exams. And teachers are so adamant about spellings, now he afraid even to write a para on his own. I am proud to tell you that he scores A+ or A grades.

    For maths I send him to Abacus classes and now he has improved. I don’t know what will happen in the next term as it covers multiplication and division.

    It is great to simply know that there are so many out there who cares , who can understand. I am tired of explaining.

    What you said is correct . It is time that we should all speak up.

    Tomorrow I am taking him for reading assessment and I hope I can help him more to live in this world which he sees in some what different way.

  9. Can I just say, I love, love, love, your blog. As the mother of 2, both 2e, I am just coming into an understanding of all of this and am on a mission to advocate for my children. Yet at the same time, I often find myself struggling with what I know is best for my children, at this time, conflicts with what I have been conditioned to believe is they need. I realize that those models have been put upon me by a society which does not understand or value these children, but this is not an area where I expected to be divergent in.

    As a matter of fact, I experienced this very internal fight today, of just let them be…because their learning is not going according to my schedule does not mean it is not happening. My 10.5 yr old son, just said that to me yesterday btw.

    Anyway, thank you so much for opening up the windows of your homes experiences with your ootb thinkers.

  10. […] the kids and I navigate through 2e learning and unschooling, one thing has become clear to me…it’s all about the big picture. […]

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