Water Mystery and the Jar of Death

True to my naturally very organized style, I just came across this science video the kids filmed…oh….last year sometime. It was stuck in preproduction (me), and had actually been polished off at imovie but the producer (me, again) never took the last step to upload it to youtube. So I had a little talk with the people in charge (myself), and after several threats to fire them (myself) due to this neglectful oversight, I recently uploaded it to youtube. I was so happy with this that I gave (myself) a little raise (dark chocolate covered pomagranites from Costco!)

So, without further ado or procrastination from the powers that be, we present their experiment titled, “Water Mystery and the Jar of Death”, taken from the book How to Do Science Experiments With Children

Enjoy! (And, stick around after the experiment is done for some bloopers, or, what I like to call, the freak outs that happen when things don’t go according to plan when you have a child perfectionist.)

If you liked this, they’ve also done a “Flip Flop” water based experiment as well as an air pressure experiment called “Air Pressure and the Jar of Death” (different jar of death, though.)