Spring can’t get here fast enough!

Spring?  Are you there?

As a kid, I never understood the concept of ‘Spring Cleaning’. Like, hello, it’s finally nice enough to go outside and play…why is the first thing we do INSIDE cleaning?

As a mom, now I totally get it. After a whole winter’s worth of colds and other nasty little viruses, I can’t wait to throw open the windows, get out the lysol, pine sol, windex, and any other form of chemical cleaner, and spray every surface of our house with it. Get all this stale air and germy breeding ground OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE! Clean and purge the winter doldrums away while welcoming in a new, more organized (ha!) spring and summer.

It’s just around the corner, people! I can feel it! Soon we’ll all be in cute capris, eating fruit and opening our windows to a nice spring breeze. My tulips are coming up and I forsee fresh cut flowers in no time at all.

I’ll just ignore the snow, wind, and grey for now…

5 Responses

  1. Exactly. I’ve been spraying everything with vinegar mixed with peppermint oil. Get the germies out! I scrubbed the floors the other day (dr. bronners peppermint soap w/vinegar). Cleaned all the vents (drip a little mint oil in the vent here and there – ahhh). Shook out the rugs. Everything smells so clean and fresh. Can’t wait for the air to warm up again for round two of open windows and cleaning extravaganza! I also like to clean after winter NOW before it gets so warm and dry (we get over a month of mud here after the freeze) so that the house is in order when we are outside and in the garden and too busy to scrub the baseboards! 🙂

  2. this is off topic – but I know you read this more than your email! LOL…I need to chat with you about blogs – I was trying to link your wildly lucky to mine – and I can’t seem to get it…I thought I did but it doesn’t show up…and you being the blog expert and all…thanks!

  3. Yeah, the Colorado Spring Swing is in full effect! I can’t wait to start the spring cleaning!! Get the icks out, purge clothes, shoes, and books/toys. Ahh…and then end the day with a gin & tonic on the porch. 🙂

  4. We’re well on our way here!
    I’ve finally caught up with and put away all the laundry and cleaned the area’s cupboards and walls,
    both the children’s bedrooms have been done (including every drawer, closet, and cupboard) every toy in their rooms has been inspected and chosen to stay there, and yesterday I spent a goodly part of the day on windows and cleaning the bathroom ceiling!
    It’s wonderful, it’s vital 🙂
    It’s spring!

  5. I hear ya! After our first winter in cold snowy weather… I get the concept now! I just wish I could spring clean my body as easily!

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