I bet you have kids that sit on chairs to eat (not under the table) and call this a plum (not a “butt fruit”).

I, obviously, don’t.

Civilizing my kids aint goin’ too good.

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  1. Yeah, somebody else’s kids look at food and sees butts. It’s like dead people… kind of. Mine see them in mushrooms and chickpeas and goodness knows what else. Chickpeas are butt beans in our house. 😉

    • *snort* butt beans, lol.

      My kids (and me) don’t know what a chickpea is, but maybe I’ll go find some so we can have a butt food meal. 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha! Anything to do with butts is funny in this house.

  3. We don’t have butt food (surprisingly enough – and I’ll not be mentioning the idea to Trev) but we definitely have babes on the floor eating.
    Madd eats applesauce out of a bowl – on the floor. With no spoon.
    Kittycat or Puppydog style, depending on the incarnation.

    • That’s it! lol, she hasn’t been doing it very long, and I didn’t know what spurned it, but your comment put 2 and 2 together for me. It’s been since we got Frito! roflol. She’s eating on the floor like the puppy!

      Love the idea of applesauce without a spoon, we’ll have to try it tonight. 🙂

  4. “butt food” haha, I LIKE that!

  5. Hehehehe…made me laugh.

  6. Butt food. Heh. A matter of time before THAT starts up! LOL

  7. lol – that’s so cute. Plums are plums here, but peaches are our ‘butt fruit’.

  8. chickpea is a gongonza bean(I think thats how its spelled) Hummus is made out of chickpeas.

    We have a butt tree – if that helps.

    And my kids eat like a dog alot, I’m just happy they eat

  9. Thanks SO much for the laugh today! So glad to see that other family’s have a “butt” issue 🙂 My son’s started after hearing the lovely song on XM Kids – “I’ve got a butt”….and he has been very happy to point out his butt, my butt and every else’s butt. The eating under the table – so perfect….I came into a scene the other day in my 6 year old son’s playroom that just made me want to sit and laugh…in his underwear, laying on his tummy with his legs in the air, eating a snack while playing his DS. So glad I am not alone!

  10. At least the food is on the plate!

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