Spring is here!

You know how I know this? Because we just had a blizzard role through here and drop about 1 1/2 feet of snow on us. Every year, Spring is christened this way. In fact, March is typically the snowiest month for us. Winter waits for all the buds on the trees to start blooming and the tulips to start emerging, and then WHAM! she covers it all with her cold blanket.

I don’t mind it so much this year–we’ve been pretty dry and the mountains can use the extra water. It’s nice to have a chance to put on the snow boots, make some snow forts, and bid winter adieu one last time!

Spring sights.

1) the view out my window when the whiteout began.
2) the chair that 2 days earlier had been used to sit out in 70 weather.
3) Frito trying to make her way through the snow.
4) the sandbox…or, should I say snowbox.
5) our Tball stand, about 2 feet of it buried under the white stuff.

No worries…it should be in the 50’s today again. Melt, snow, melt!

5 Responses

  1. Oh, it’s melting alright! LOL! It’s a-gonna get messy this weekend! 🙂

  2. What a cute picture of your dog! We often get a storm like that here in VT too(hopefully not this year)

  3. Love the pic of Frito…that’s too cute.

    By the time Ol’ Man Winter was done with us last year, we had a record of over 400 cm of snow. (That’s about 13ft.)

    Fortunately this year, so far, it’s much better as most of the snow is already gone now. So even if we get more snow, it won’t stick around.

    Happy Spring!

  4. we got some snow here a few days after you…thats what I get for laughing at you!

  5. Just catching up on my blogs and I am now curious as to what you use to make the picture strip…I like it! Is that a flickr thing?

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