Frito Vs. The Snow

Frito vs. the snow

It doesn’t take much snow to cover over Frito’s head, so this last snowstorm that blew through here made our backyard into an arctic tundra that threatened to completely obliterate poor Frito once and for all. I made a mental note to shovel an area outside our back door so she would have the space to do her business, but it just kept snowing and blowing and I never got around to it.

Turns out, she loves snow. The deeper, the better. I guess, descending from Tibet like her breed does, some genetic code kicked in and she sat at the door, begging to go back out.

I see more snow out there!

OK, she didn’t really ‘sit’ at the door…more like, she stood scratching at the door…

Just like my kids, she romped and romped in the snow…and then when it was time to come in she realized that she was freaking cold and the whining started….from dog and kids alike. Kids got hot chocolate, dog got a chew toy and a rubdown with a towel. But before I did that, I had to snap a picure of her ‘snow pants’…the snow got all rolled up in her hair and created this massively huge snowball all around her legs. I’ve never seen anything like it!

snow pants

She just kept giving me this look, even when I was trying to rub all the snow off (which was impossible, since it had become little ice balls). Sometimes I feel like Frito has no time for my kind of crazy. Isn’t that what you get from that look?!


7 Responses

  1. that is adorable!

  2. So incredibly cute!

  3. I had a Llhasa when I was young and she was exactly the same way with snow. My mom used to use a hair dryer to melt away the ice balls and yes, my dog would look at her the same way.

  4. I love that picture of Frito! LOL! So cute.

  5. Now normally I’m a cat a person, with four I kind of have to be, but these pics of Frito are really warming my heart to the idea of a dog.

    Her “snowpants” are just too funny…and the sneer just makes it. Of course your caption helps too, “…no time for my kind of crazy.”


  6. LOL! The snow pants reminded me of Ellie’s snow boots:

  7. makes me miss having a little dog…so darn cute! I love the pony tail

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