Bipolar Weather.

Bipolar weather.

The essence of spring in Colorado. 60’s one day, 30’s the next. Thunderstorms followed by snowstorms.

It’s always keeping us on our toes!

The forecast is for up to 10 inches of snow tomorrow!!!??? Which is preventing me from following through on my very proactive plans to reorganize and pack up all our winter clothes to make way to reorganize and unpack all our spring clothes. By the time the weather cooperates, I’m afraid my organizational focus will have left me. It’s happened before!


4 Responses

  1. And I though Maine weather was fickle! Wowza there are some wide swings in Colorado!!

  2. And then we get a whopping 2 inches, if that. Sigh…

  3. I hope more is coming…the forecast says the most will happen between 1 and 6 today. I’ll be bummed if this is all we get!

  4. we are having the same issues here…we’re expecting snow – and all I want to do is unpack shorts!

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