Sassy’s Long Term Goals.

So, lately Sassy has been particularly feisty, whiny, and demanding. We’ve all noticed it here at Child’s Play (it’s hard not to when she’s yelling at everyone, “You are ANNOYING ME!!!!!!!) and I’ve been hoping this is just another downswing on her developmental cycle, to be followed shortly by amazing leaps in her abilities.


I’ve been waiting for a while. A LONG while.

I think she’s coming out of it, though. She’s shrieking her displeasure less and less, so that’s good. Also? She’s been making long term goals all of a sudden. Usually she’s all about the right here and RIGHT NOW!!!! But yesterday, as she was eating a lemon (don’t ask), she pulled out a seed and asked how long it takes a seed to grow into a lemon tree. I told her about 5 years (??? Is that right?). She said, “In 5 years, when this seed that I will plant is a lemon tree and has lots of lemons growing on it, let’s have a lemonade tea party with your pretty cups and my lemons!”

She’s also coming in to my room in the morning and instead of asking, “what are we going to do today?! Let’s eat now! Right now! What can we do for fun right now?! What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!” she’s thinking further down the road. “Mom! I’m ready to have some fun! Let’s have fun now AND next week?! What are we doing now? And what can we do next Tuesday? I think we should go to the zoo! Today! AND next tuesday!!!”

I have to say, I’m not finding this advanced skill any less tiring.

Her longest long term goal affects me personally, as it involves marrying Hubby. She’s been irked for a while now that I married him before she could. I’ve seen her looking at our wedding picture with total disdain that he would choose ME over a cool girl like HER. One of my pregnant friends asked Sassy what she should name her kids (if it’s a girl: Beautiful. If it’s a boy: Awesome.) She then asked Sassy what Sassy was going to name her babies. Sassy declared, “I don’t know! I don’t even know who I’m going to marry! My mom already married my dad!!!” A while later she came up to me with little 4 year old tears. She’d been thinking about it all day. “Mom, if I can’t marry Dad, I don’t know who I’m supposed to marry. What if I can’t find anyone?!” I caved. “Alright. If you can’t find anyone to marry, I guess you can marry Dad.” I regretted my moment of weakness immediately. “Good! And then, when you go away, it will be just me and Dad going on dates and stuff!” Me: “Uh, Sassy, what do you mean ‘when I go away’? I thought I could stay around and we could all live together? I mean, where am I going to go? What am I going to do?” She thought for a second. “Well, mom, you’re just going to go on and live your life, I guess.”

So, that’s her long term goals so far. Go to the zoo, have fun tea parties together, and then depose me in my golden years. I don’t think I was quite so forward thinking when I was 4.