Math Mondays::Learn Math or Die Trying…plus a Giveaway!

This is the trailer for a new kind of computer game, based entirely on math. MATH! Geared primarily toward those ages 10 and up, there are a couple games that are set up like a first person video game…the first game is all pre-algebra concepts, while the second game is algebra based.

We have the one based on pre-algebra, Math Evolver – Virus Origin, and it has been rocking our world for the last few weeks. One day, when we first got it, Naturalist and Golfer played it for 3 hours straight, and when I told them it was time for lunch they were amazed because it felt like only ’15 minutes or so!’.

From the Dimension M website:

DimensionMâ„¢is an immersive video game world that engages students in the instruction and learning of mathematics. Pre-algebra and algebra objectives are covered through a series of missions that bring math into a world that today’s students understand. Students become so captivated in solving problems that they forget they’re learning but they don’t forget what they’ve learned.

Research with our programs demonstrates how well they align with the way today’s students learn and how naturally immersed students become in their learning. The result: increase in student motivation, increase in time on task, and the ability to apply their learning in real world situations that have meaning for your student.

It’s a challenging game, but set up in such a way that makes it very playable. At 9, Golfer is on the young end of the ability spectrum, so I sit with him and help explain the concepts so he learns how to finish the level. Naturalist, at 12, is perfect for it. Her dyscalculia means that I just give her a calculator to help compute, and then sit with her as she completes the levels in case she also needs some explaining. The game also has a ‘math concepts’ type dictionary that explains things, too…which is good as it’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about the Order of Operations or what the Additive Inverse of a number is.

I can see this game applying equally well to both an advanced math student in middle elementary range who wants more challenge, a Middle School range student learning the pre algebra basics, and to a high schooler in need of some remediation. It plays like a step above the popular Math Blaster
series of math computer games, and is much more sophisticated.

They have set up a fantastic website to explain the games, the skills they cover, and other FAQ. It’s worth a look!

And now for the giveaway portion of this post. I have the Math Evolver game that has levels 1-5 on it. It was only $19.00, and they play it every day! When I visited the website, I noticed they have more than 5 levels for the game…it actually goes up to 20. That is pricier, at $70, but I can justify that in the name of math education. 🙂 I have the original Evolver game (1-5) that is obsolete now that I’ve downloaded the complete game, and I’d love to send it to someone who’d like a chance to check out the game in their house!

Simply leave a comment in the comment section, and I’ll pick a random winner. The game works on both Windows and Mac’s, and is geared for ages 10 and up. I really can’t say enough good about this game, and am excited to send the game off for someone else to try with their kids! It’s been a fun way to spend time with my older kids, problem solving and learning new math concepts. (That was probably one of the nerdier sentences I’ve ever written, but there you go. I love this game! I missed most of these concepts the first time around, and am enjoying the experience of relearning them and going, “OH, OK! So that’s why….”)

Leave a comment, and I’ll choose a winner to announce next Math Monday. Comments need to be made before midnight, April 19!