Weather blows.

So, it’s been sleeting outside since about 6pm Thursday. In most parts of the front range, the sleet was snow, and instead of getting a backyard full of water they got about 3-4 feet of the white stuff. I was kinda wishing for the snow instead of the flood I’m looking at, because even though I hate snow in the winter, it’s quite a novelty in the spring! The fact that I know it will be gone in a few days helps me keep some perspective on the cold factor.

But this sleet/rain/snow mix is driving me stir crazy. Not even my impervious to cold or inclement weather kids want to spend a lot of time out there–it’s something like 35 degrees with driving wet stuff. They’ve gone out for short periods of time to race paper in the river running down our street, or to take Frito out to do her business, or to stomp around in the lake that’s developed in our backyard.

when it sleets 14 hours straight...

I discovered (while trying to be as lazy as possible and snap pictures of the activities without actually having to go outside) that the water running down the windows created a lovely impressionistic quality of my shots. That kept me busy for a little while, and I forgot all about how stir crazy I was. But then the kids came inside, and here I am, crazy again.

I could do some laundry/cleaning/cooking, but those things tend to add crazy on top of my other crazy, and that can’t be good!