Math Monday:: Right Brain Math and a Winner!

Which to talk about first?!?

I’m horrible at keeping exciting news to myself, so first I’ll announce the winner of my impromptu giveaway of a computer math game that takes fun and learning to a whole different level: Math Evolver – Virus Origin.

Sassy helped me out on this one, by choosing a number between 1 and 11, and she chose the number “2”. So, Theresa over at LaPaz Home Learning, come on down! I’ll email you to get our address and send it off in the mail! And everyone who didn’t win, thanks for your comments and keep reading. Because I noticed a big number of you struggle with math phobia and anxiety like I used to. This post is for you.

So, lets get down to math business. I know, you can probably hardly wait. Remember way back when I went on and on and on about number patterns and number circles?! Well, they’re baaaack! This time, not so much with vedic patterning, but with a creative little program called “Right Brain Math“.

Currently, math is taught as a ‘left brain’ subject, by very ‘left brain’ teachers where very ‘left brain’ kids succeed. But what about me! Me and my very right brain mind? Tom Biesanz, or, Mister Numbers on youtube, has thought of us right brainers, and come up with a solution. If you only do one thing today, watch this video. (Then, take a nap, eat some candy, lay around, and blame me when nothing else gets done and it’s time for bed.):

What’s that? You want more? You aren’t ready for your nap yet? OK! Here’s the patterns for the 2 and 8 times tables, done the right brain way:

It’s a fun twist on a previously tedious and painful subject (at least, for Naturalist and me!). Golfer falls on Hubby’s side of the left brain fence, and has already memorized his multiplication tables through 12. The ones he hasn’t memorized, he can figure out in his head, and he just loves to multiply two digit numbers together in his head…making Naturalist and I extremely (angry)(jealous) proud of him.

It goes to show, different strokes for different folks. And, just because one kid learns one way in a family, it doesn’t mean the other kids will, too.

Now, go ahead and explore the magic of Right Brain Math, either on their website or through their videos on youtube.

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