Spring is back…laundry is on hold until inclement weather returns.


I know there are all sorts of professionals out there who are certified to diagnose and treat ADD/ADHD in people. However, I have my own failproof test that is pretty much 100% accurate in picking out people with ADD, and it even can predict the severity of it.

It’s called ‘doing laundry’. If you can do laundry over and over and over again, without getting sidetracked between the spin cycle and the done buzzer or bored with the mindless repetition of washing something that you’ve washed every week for months…you don’t have ADD. If you can sort and match dozens of white socks of varying sizes without getting paralyzed with emotional and mental pain, you do not have ADD. If you can do more than one full load of laundry in a day (instead of getting sidetracked in the morning and forgetting all about it), if you can look at piles of dirty clothes and not get wracked down with despair at the thought of sorting through it piece by piece, if you can not only get the clothes clean and dry but also folded and in the right drawer…you do not have ADD. And, you are my hero.

For me, keeping up with my laundry is like one of Hercules tasks. I’m no better at it now than I was 16 years ago. Now that Naturalist and Golfer are old enough, I’ve delegated the laundry duties of their clothes to them. This would work perfectly if they weren’t also as distractible and inattentive to mundane details as I am. It’s like the blind leading the blind over here. Hubby is really, really great at it, but he has this pesky thing called a job to keep him occupied.

In any case, I have a hella lot of laundry to get finished, a sinkful of really nasty dishes to get clean (or, at least in the dishwasher), and childrens clothes to change from winter to spring. The kids and I put in a really good effort to do all that this morning, but by the time lunch came around we were ready to bail and go on a picnic. So we did. We enjoyed the sun filled tulips and the really warm day. We played with Frito in a field and layed on our backs in the grass to look up at the clouds. We told jokes and complained about the heat (well, some of us who are still 4 did, anyway). We divided 2 cupcakes evenly between the 4 of us that were there, and then cried about how small our piece was (well, those of us who are PMS’ing did, anyway). We rode our bikes there and then decided we were a queen and didn’t want to ride back to the house (the 4 year old, again). Today, we didn’t just live life. We enjoyed it!

Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind. I’ve got laundry to finish!

Although…it’s going to be in the 70’s again….