Swine Flu Info.

If, like me, you are freaked out over the high pitched ferver of Swine Flu reaching global pandemic level, I highly suggest you tune out major news and tune in to Twitter at around 12:30 am. It’s much less scary that way:

Swine Flu.

Off to tidy up my food storage area and buy more M&M’s from Costco, in case we need to hunker down anytime soon…

The kids are following the outbreak in a few different ways. Golfer keeps tabs on it by checking out the Google ‘Swine Flu’ map. Naturalist is documenting the number of cases in the US each day and then graphing them to see how fast the rate of change is. This is proof of what I’ve long thought: you can make anything nerdy, even Swine Flu.


8 Responses

  1. When they close down an elementary school down the street from you because a kid had swine flu in it, it seems very personal. Glad to be a homeschooler at that point.

    • Did a school close down by you?! Is this a true story? Do you have enough M&M’s to last through a quarantine?

  2. Also glad we home school,
    Re-organized the stockpile today to, although its looking a tad low…. ekkk….

  3. They’ve cancelled the HS sports in Texas – can you believe it?! What if it were football season? GASP! 🙂

  4. Someone posted today on a local Iowa forum that 100 people die in the US every day from the regular flu. EVERY DAY. Puts it in perspective a bit, but the scare has me happy I buy local veg because most of what our local grocer carries is from Mexico…….

    We DO have enough M & M’s, but we also have enough garden produce starting and Morels sprouting and and and…..it’s good to live on a farm,

    • yes, Farm living has so much going for it, regardless of a pandemic! I’m glad you have made the move to yours!

      Assuming everything we have planted in our (small) garden makes it, we’ll be able to live on garden foods in about 90 days. Until then…candy! 🙂

  5. Also, that first bit of advice…..that’s pretty much good to follow regardless of pig flu. Just sayin’……

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