Stop and take pictures of the flowers…

That’s my lesson for this week.

It’s a busy one for us…lots of family has just visited and Sassy has a birthday coming up (5!!!! How did it happen so quickly?!). Because Sassy is such a princess, I am hosting 2 parties for her, one with friends/family, and one for just us on her actual birthday. She’s explained in great detail what kind of party she wants, and I am at her beck and call on this one. Mostly because I’ll hear all about it for a year if things don’t go accordingly. Last year we were supposed to have cupcakes at the zoo. It’s started snowing (!!!) so even though we walked around, I saved the cupcakes for apres zoo, at our nice warm house. Apparently, and according to Sassy, because the cupcakes were not ingested at the actual zoo, the whole birthday didn’t count. Maybe she’ll be a party planner when she gets older.

In any case, I’ve been busy and occupied. But Naturalist showed me today that sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the flowers.
Most of our flowering trees didn’t flower this year because of the late season snowstorms. Sad, no? As we were out walking, she noticed this flowering tree and begged to use my camera to take a picture of it. Note the totally awesome picture taking position she got herself into…now that’s talent.

I would have walked on by them in my preoccupied state, so I’m glad she pointed them out. They won’t be around much longer!

What she saw.


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  1. It is great seeing the kids out taking pictures! Keep up the great work!

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