Weed? Or Flower?

Weed or flower?

Sassy loves her some dandelions. Everywhere we go, she collects a big handful and then gives them to me like a big bouquet of love. After so many of these gifts, I will never look at a dandelion as a weed again! True, they don’t stay so well or long after they’ve been picked, but all the better to appreciate the moment as it happens.

I think about Emerson’s quote a lot, the one about a weed just being a flower whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet. I think it applies equally well to so many situations:
“What is a troublemaker? A good kid whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet.”
“What is a problem? A blessing whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet.”
etc., etc.

Perception changes so many things, yes?


5 Responses

  1. how I love Sassy!!
    Little Miss always has a bouquet – how can I not resist the lovely flowers from a 3 year old.

    We have pockets full – hands, clothes yellowed…she loves them…seriously, I have to make sure she doesn’t eat them…she has cravings for all things growing in the ground – your gal may lick out of bowls like dogs, mine eat grass like dogs! LOL

  2. Here here! Ronin was disappointed when we could not find dandelions at the flower shoppe to plant. It is indeed all in the perception. 🙂

    • love this! Here you are surrounded by tropical flowers, and all he wants is dandelions. beautiful!

  3. love this post =)

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