Tis the season to hit the road!

Now that June is almost here, it means one thing…road trip season!!!

Who am I kidding, around here any excuse is a good reason for a road trip, which kind of makes it always road trip season. But officially, I think it starts now for everyone else.

We’ve cut back on our excursions a bit this year. A sucky economy and the fact that Hubby has been without a job for 11 of the past 24 months made that decision real easy. Don’t worry, we’re fine, we just don’t have a savings account anymore. But those are sooo overrated, and really–no one has one of those any more. Or a retirement fund. So, we’re in good company.

But It did make me remember last year at this time, and the super amazing road trip I took with my best friend before she moved away to Chicago (sob). 2 cool mamas with 5 kids between us. I could have sworn we had, like, 23 kids between us–but that may be the vomit-a-thon talking that we endured.

And so, as I plan out some more trips for this year (just a mini one, I’m so stir crazy!) I leave you with an oldie but goodie…Spring Trip ’08. A great week long trip that circled from Denver down to Durango around west to Moab, and back to Denver again. Because really, I like to take “Free Range Kids” literally. 🙂