Tis the season to hit the road!

Now that June is almost here, it means one thing…road trip season!!!

Who am I kidding, around here any excuse is a good reason for a road trip, which kind of makes it always road trip season. But officially, I think it starts now for everyone else.

We’ve cut back on our excursions a bit this year. A sucky economy and the fact that Hubby has been without a job for 11 of the past 24 months made that decision real easy. Don’t worry, we’re fine, we just don’t have a savings account anymore. But those are sooo overrated, and really–no one has one of those any more. Or a retirement fund. So, we’re in good company.

But It did make me remember last year at this time, and the super amazing road trip I took with my best friend before she moved away to Chicago (sob). 2 cool mamas with 5 kids between us. I could have sworn we had, like, 23 kids between us–but that may be the vomit-a-thon talking that we endured.

And so, as I plan out some more trips for this year (just a mini one, I’m so stir crazy!) I leave you with an oldie but goodie…Spring Trip ’08. A great week long trip that circled from Denver down to Durango around west to Moab, and back to Denver again. Because really, I like to take “Free Range Kids” literally. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Road trip! So much fun. 🙂

  2. Hey! Kathleen, Tarissa, and I think Jen (aka bluegreenmarble) and I are going to the Sand Dunes next weekend (with fams). Come join us!

  3. OOO I love the photos of your adventure!! One of my ALL TIME Favorite places is Arches… and the photos at about :37 seconds on your video is definitely a top spot! On the path between the rocks is an arch that you can climb on (if you aren’t terrified of heights)… My mom said she used to go there when she was little (early elementary) and they would all climb up it and jump off into the sand… Obviously the sand has gone down because it’s now too big of a jump for anyone to make!

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