Speaking of hitting the road…

There is an epic road trip going on by a bunch of guys you’ve probably never heard of and a Quiznos Toaster that you probably have, if you’ve seen the funny yet rather disturbing new Quiznos ad.

So, basically, three guys and the Quiznos Toaster are going to travel through all 50 States in only 14 days. They’re on day 3 today, and we’ve been following their progress on a half hourly updatable map. This is pretty much an unschoolers dream, because my kids have been hovered over a US map looking to see what route they’ve taken and then trying to plan out where they’ll go next. Geography has never been more fun! And extra plus is that the Quiznos Toaster is dropping gift certificates everywhere he goes. He updates his twitter page to let everyone know where he drops them off.

The individual twitters for each dude on this crazy roadtrip are:
Mike Hedge
Hunter Weeks
Mike Dion

This kind of adventure makes me happy. When you are pretty sure than none of your kids is headed for a 9-5 desk job, but aren’t sure where that means they will actually end up, people like this that are living the dream are quite inspirational. Proof that you don’t have to learn how to sit still and work at a school desk to do amazing things with your life. A lot of people still don’t know this.

My kids are now planning their own epic trip (hopefully without Quiznos Toaster…I’m sure he’s nice and all, but I just don’t have the room in my van). So far it’s stateside, but I’m pretty sure they’ll jump the Atlantic and head over into Europe at some point. Until then, I’ll let them virtually explore where they’ll go and tell them to start saving their money.

On a side note, I really miss the Quiznos Spongemonkeys. Remember them?! They were rather disturbing, too. But I loved them.