Away we go!

I have a lot to do here, people, before I leave for sunny, happy California. This trip kind of popped up, as most great unplanned road trips do–I realized I have a very finite period of time before summer camps start and I’m stuck here shuttling kids back and forth for days on end. And nothing makes me want to get up and go like the thought of being stuck somewhere.

I’ve got to be ready to go tonight. Tonight! And I have lots to finish up…laundry, packing, repacking, helping the kids pack, cleaning out the car, organizing foodstuffs, baking muffins (best roadtrip food ever), getting reservations somewhere between here and there since there is no way I’m going to knock that out in a day, and getting my hair cut. I’m thinking of ditching the easy ponytail and going short and sassy–it seems I do this once every couple years or so. Decisions, decisions.

Helping the kids pack may take a while, if this morning is any indication. I spent 30 minutes just trying to get Sassy’s shoes on her feet. First, she needed to get them from upstairs, so I sent her up. She came down with a lei around her neck. I sent her back up to get them, she came down with a sock on. Back up, back down with a tiara. Back up, back down with a feathery boa. Back up, back down with one of my shoes on her hand.

I totally believe in taking however long my kids need to let them do things for themselves, and even though I will be placed in a mental institution in the not to distant future, at least I’ll have given my kids wings to fly. I don’t know where Sassy will be off too–a South Beach club if her appearance is any indication.

I used to really prepare for these kinds of roadtrips, but now we’ve done so many and I’ve already got one foot on the crazy train, I just don’t have it in me anymore. I also used to read mothering magazines (ha!) that suggested to wrap one toy for every hour you’re in the car, and let them unwrap it as a treat to keep them occupied. (Ha!) My suggestion is to let them put stuff in their own backpacks, shove it back there with them, and then put on an airplane ‘quiet’ headset and jam to my itunes. And then, every time we stop for gas, let them out to get whatever piece of junk they want to eat/drink. And for Golfer, put a throw up bag next to him since there’s always an issue with it on every trip. Yes, road trips are a far cry now from what they used to be back in my college days.

Ok! So! I’ve wasted enough time avoiding getting ready to go. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hi, I came across your blog while searching for “homeschooling gifted children” blogs. I would love ANY input you have, if you don’t mind sharing! You can feel free to comment on my blog, or email me. I’ll let you know about our situation if you’re interested! Thanks so much, you have a beautiful family! 🙂

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